Holiday use is something every person or family tries to take advantage of as often as possible. These experiences help lift people out of their hectic, traditional way of life and search for the pure pleasure of visiting specific places, parks or any other activity that appeals to your party’s interests. When you have the […]

As a kid I can remember the rare trip out to the pet store where we’d search for fun toys and treats for our dog and cat. It was fun, but we were also at the mercy of what the local pet store had in stock. Usually the same name brand products that became boring […]

Businesses understand the affection many customers have toward their pets. And because of that, they’ve implemented ways to give back to the community when you shop with them. Below are a few places you can spend your money and reward a dog charity at the same time. Vans The retail apparel company known for their […]

Finding out your dog has a flea infestation is dreadful news. Your first thoughts are with your dog who is on the front lines dealing with them. These suckers bite and cause great discomfort. Tiny red bumps form that they can’t help but scratch. You never want to see your dog miserable. But then it […]

Brushing our dogs often feel like something that comes out of necessity to keep our home clean. The more we brush, the less our dog sheds. And if you let your dog sleep on the bed or sit on the couch, excess fur can be an enormous pain to clean. But brushing our dogs isn’t […]

If you’ve spent some time in your life moving from apartment to apartment, you know how dreadful the experience can be as a dog owner. The first thing you’ll notice is a “No Pets Allowed” notice on a large percent of the listings. Some just ban specific breeds. Half the listings are just crossed off […]

A whopping 16 brands of dog food were linked to potential heart disease in dogs today. The FDA report found they may lead to canine dilated cardiomyopathy which can result in heart failure. This usually affects larger breed dogs but some smaller ones have been affected too. Golden retrievers seem to be at most risk. […]

There’s a feeling of helplessness that overcomes us when our dog is in pain. Watching them struggle to move, we’d do anything to make them feel better. Recently I’ve encountered this with my parents dog “Russ”. He’s 11 years old now and started to develop some arthritis. At first it was just some hesitation when […]

While I was carousing around Reddit the other day, I found a photo of a dog with some kind of lizard on his back. They both looked comfy and completely safe with each other. I was flabbergasted and decided to look more into this lizard which goes by the name of the bearded dragon (or […]

Dog training is the most important part of owning a dog. It is the application of behavior analysis. Dog training dates back to at least Roman times. There are a variety of established ways of dog training some of the better known ones are clicker training, motivational training, dominance training and relationship based training. There […]