Custom Products to Show off Your Dog

Your dog is adorable and you want to share them with the world. Snapping photos on your phone and posting them to social media is fine. But everyone is doing that. Instead, why not look into some creative ways you can show off your dog with…

Luxury Dog Beds from Dog Diggin

We've mentioned before how much we love Dog Diggin Designs plush toys. A creative take on the most luxurious brands on the planet. Terrific gift for friends bringing a new dog home. But Dog Diggin Designs also specializes in their incredibly…
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David Beckham Gifts New Puppy to Gordan Ramsey

International soccer superstar David Beckham must have been a good boy in 2009 as he received a $3200 English bulldog for Christmas from his almost equally famous wife Victoria Beckham. But being a man who travels the globe on a regular basis,…