Assisting You In Your Attempt To Find Pet Friendly Accommodation

Holiday use is something every person or family tries to take advantage of as often as possible. These experiences help lift people out of their hectic, traditional way of life and search for the pure pleasure of visiting specific places, parks…
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7 Best Dog Friendly Cities to Live

When you're looking to find greener pastures in another city, one of the qualifications should be how your dog will enjoy the experience. Some cities can be friendly to dog owners while others downright cruel. You want a mix of friendly dog…
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David Beckham Gifts New Puppy to Gordan Ramsey

International soccer superstar David Beckham must have been a good boy in 2009 as he received a $3200 English bulldog for Christmas from his almost equally famous wife Victoria Beckham. But being a man who travels the globe on a regular basis,…