Purchasing any new pet needs a lot of thought. However, snakes need special considerations prior to making a final decision. Continue reading for five key things to bear in mind.

Snakes need special environments

Most snakes require a certain type of environment to enable them to thrive. This means that you will need to buy a tank which can provide the correct temperatures and humidity for them. Furthermore, some snakes require access to an ultraviolet lamp. This helps the snakes to get sufficient levels of Vitamin D, essential for their development as it helps them to absorb the calcium effectively from the food they have eaten.

Snakes can grow very large

Of course, the type of snake you buy influences how long it can grow. However, most snakes increase in size significantly if you buy them when they are young. You may have been told that snakes only grow to the size of their environment. This is a myth. Snakes can and will grow longer if that is a characteristic of their species. They will also grow to be rather heavy. If you live in a small apartment, the chances are this is not the right pet for you as you will need to invest in a large tank to house it. Find out more about the specific variety of snake you are considering by visiting Reptile Direct as they have excellent expert information.

Snakes can have long life spans

We have all heard of the catchphrase “a dog is for life, not just for Christmas”. That applies for snakes too. If it is your child who is nagging you to give in and buy them a snake, think about past experiences and whether it has simply been a fad for them. You are likely to have this snake in your lives until after your child has flown the nest, unless they take it with them. It is essential to consider who will look after it when you go on vacation as well. Different snakes have different life expectancies, so do your research thoroughly.

Snakes eat mice and rats

For those among us who are somewhat squeamish, it might be a struggle to feed a rodent to a pet snake. If you feel unable to do this, this is probably not the right choice of pet for you. Having said that, the mice or rats that you give as food will be frozen. Live animals should never be fed to your snake as they could bite them and end up injured rather than satiated.

Snakes cost money

The initial outlay of buying the snake and everything it requires in terms of its tank, lighting, temperature and humidity controls will be substantial. Adopting or fostering a pet would be a little less expensive. However, the costs do not stop there. If you buy a tank perfect for the snake when it is young, you will need to upgrade at some point in the future to allow the snake the space it requires. Furthermore, food is needed daily and bedding will have to be replaced on a regular basis. Snakes are far from being a cheap pet.