Your dog is adorable and you want to share them with the world. Snapping photos on your phone and posting them to social media is fine. But everyone is doing that. Instead, why not look into some creative ways you can show off your dog with some customized goodies. Get a Painting We’ve already covered […]

Some people love to decorate their living rooms with the prized catch from their hunting games with pride. They would want to display theirs or their ancestors’ bravado and fondness of the hunting sport. But if you want a more sober feel to your room, you could choose the variety of framed poster print of […]

Summer and more so heat can cause a whole raft of health concerns for dogs, so keeping them cool is important. Here are some great ways to do so. Never leave your dog sitting in your car when it is hot outside. The importance of this tip can’t be overstated. Dogs can develop potentially fatal […]

The global pet market share was about 105 billion dollars in 2015 according to a global market research firm. More and more families are keeping at least one pet. This also causes the increase of pet stores, grooming shops, and other industry related businesses. If you happen to be an owner of a pet supply […]

As an owner of a border collie, I can tell you quite a bit about pet hair. It is everywhere. On my couch, in the carpet, and even on my clothes. And since I don’t think he’d be too happy being fully shaven, I’ve got to deal with the problem myself. Thankfully over the years […]


We all know the old adage about cats and dogs, but does it apply to fish? That’s a tricky question. But the answer is in most cases, yes. Dogs are social animals and have long been known to co-habitate with other pets in the home (even cats). In fact, their domestication was centered around tending […]

Ann Hoff Art

If there is a word to describe the type of artists I like, it’s eccentric. And that certainly describes this wonderful talent Ann Marie Hoff. Her art was recently brought to my attention and I just love it. The first thing that caught my eye is this kitten artwork. This I believe is an homage […]

As someone passionate about the plight of dogs, you’ve done all you can. You donate to local shelters and foster dogs when time permits. But you want to do more. You want to open your own shelter or charity to help. On the surface, you have all the qualifications. You love dogs and are passionate […]

Art is a passion of mine and when you can mix a classic masterpiece with some dogs, I’m sold. Parousing through Etsy the other day I found an absolute gem of an artist. The owner Aja uses mash-ups of Starry Night to make some incredibly colorful works of art. Editors note: I used to have […]

It’s NCAA tournament time and everyone in the office is filling out their brackets. Some people do a bunch of research picking the best teams on their own statistical analysis. Some look to the experts to see who they like. Others, just like to pick the team with the best mascots. I thought it would […]