Ann Hoff Art

If there is a word to describe the type of artists I like, it’s eccentric. And that certainly describes this wonderful talent Ann Marie Hoff. Her art was recently brought to my attention and I just love it. The first thing that caught my eye is this kitten artwork. This I believe is an homage […]

As someone passionate about the plight of dogs, you’ve done all you can. You donate to local shelters and foster dogs when time permits. But you want to do more. You want to open your own shelter or charity to help. On the surface, you have all the qualifications. You love dogs and are passionate […]

Art is a passion of mine and when you can mix a classic masterpiece with some dogs, I’m sold. Parousing through Etsy the other day I found an absolute gem of an artist. The owner Aja uses mash-ups of Starry Night to make some incredibly colorful works of art. Editors note: I used to have […]

It’s NCAA tournament time and everyone in the office is filling out their brackets. Some people do a bunch of research picking the best teams on their own statistical analysis. Some look to the experts to see who they like. Others, just like to pick the team with the best mascots. I thought it would […]

My first dog was a beagle and they will always have a special place in my heart. These friendly and gentle dogs are perfect for a family. Fiercely loyal and always in a good mood. They are rarely aggressive. So when I found a rescue that focuses on beagles, I was ecstatic. BREW Beagle Rescue […]

I get no better joy than to watch a rescue group become a success. And for One Tail at a Time, I’ve seen that transformation over the past decade. This organization started out incredibly small. A few passionate people with a few dogs they were looking to find homes for. Fast forward to today and […]

Why it Matters As a human, you usually think of exercise as something you do at a health club or in your home gym to keep in shape. This is a very narrow definition of exercise when compared to how its practiced by dogs.  The way dogs exercise offers both physical and mental benefits, a […]

Winter is here and for us Northerners, that means snow. It also means letting our dogs out to experience the pure bliss of diving into piles of the powdery white stuff. I’ve pulled out my phone it seems like every year to just miss the perfect shot. But fortunately some people have gathered that and […]

For many college students, midterms are in full gear. And as a semi-recent college graduate, the mere thought of them gives me terrible flashbacks. I even woke up in a sweat the other night thinking I was taking a midterm for a class I had never attended. Seems like that’s as common as forgetting the […]

Spice up any room in your home with some incredible art from Oliver Gal. The artist takes everyday breeds and puts them in fun positions. Definitely a conversation starter for any guest that comes into your home. The artwork is professional printed on gallery wrapped canvas. They come in multiple sizes and are not priced […]