Out of all the breeds of cats out there, I love some good old fashioned fluffy cats. Sure they don’t bode well for my allergies, but they look majestic. And there may not be anyone better to cuddle with. As you might expect, there are some things you should know before adding one of these […]


This story flashed across my phone the other day and I thought it was great. College can be stressful at times for young adults. Big exams, relationship trouble, and of course homesickness. So sometimes you just need a little something to calm you down. Scooter is a trained therapy dog who is highly social. Not […]

  Dogs have been man’s best companions for tens of thousands of years. And there’s no surprise that there are 89.7 million dogs in the United States alone. Keeping your dog safe, happy, and healthy becomes crucial for mankind because dogs and other animal companions have a direct relation with their humans’ happiness and well-being. […]

Everyone loves Halloween. And if you have a dog who won’t give you a hard time about wearing a costume, it can be even better. But with Halloween comes candy. And ensuring your dog doesn’t eat something toxic is of utmost importance. Thankfully there are a few guides online that have been helpful in finding […]

Dog in the backyard

Having a backyard space that your dog can enjoy is great. However if that space isn’t designed for your pooch, you may end up doing more harm than good for your pet. So here are some simple ways you can help make your yard doggie-friendly. By applying them, your dog will be able to reap […]

As we reach the midpoint of October, my favorite part of the season is here. The weather dips a bit, leaves change, and crisp outdoor air becomes a refreshing relief from the humid Summer. I just love fall. But with this time of season comes some dangers for your dog. Some Hazards Lurk Don’t Overfeed […]

On occasion I head over to Reddit and look for information or the viral videos. But one subreddit has caught my attention and become valuable. It’s the /r/buyitforlife sub which features people discussing products in our lives that we can purchase once and not have to worry about it. A unique concept in a culture […]

Registering a Service Dog

As a service dog owner, the joys of leading a more independent life with a treasured companion far outweigh much of the hassle you may receive when you are traveling around with your dog. But unfortunately, many service dog owners do experience some form of harassment along the way; whether it’s restricting access or a […]

Holiday use is something every person or family tries to take advantage of as often as possible. These experiences help lift people out of their hectic, traditional way of life and search for the pure pleasure of visiting specific places, parks or any other activity that appeals to your party’s interests. When you have the […]

As a kid I can remember the rare trip out to the pet store where we’d search for fun toys and treats for our dog and cat. It was fun, but we were also at the mercy of what the local pet store had in stock. Usually the same name brand products that became boring […]