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Fall Dangers and Adventures for Your Dog

As we reach the midpoint of October, my favorite part of the season is here. The weather dips a bit, leaves change, and crisp outdoor air becomes a refreshing relief from the humid Summer. I just love fall. But with this time of season comes…
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Quality Dog Gear is Worth the Cost

On occasion I head over to Reddit and look for information or the viral videos. But one subreddit has caught my attention and become valuable. It’s the /r/buyitforlife sub which features people discussing products in our lives that we can…
Registering a Service Dog
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Advantages of Registering Your Service Dog

As a service dog owner, the joys of leading a more independent life with a treasured companion far outweigh much of the hassle you may receive when you are traveling around with your dog. But unfortunately, many service dog owners do experience…

Comfortis for Dogs and Other Flea Removal Tips

Finding out your dog has a flea infestation is dreadful news. Your first thoughts are with your dog who is on the front lines dealing with them. These suckers bite and cause great discomfort. Tiny red bumps form that they can’t help but scratch.…
Dog Days of Summer

Summertime Activities with Your Dog

Memorial Day has come and gone which usually marks the start of Summer (although it was 48 degrees here in the Midwest today). And with Summer comes the opportunity to create new memories with your best friend. Below are a few of my favorite…
dog collar vs harness

Should I Use a Collar or Harness?

Ask a dog owner the best way to walk a dog and you'll get an array of answers. For decades, using a collar was the preferred way to control your four-legged companion. But a recent surge in the use of dog harnesses has made the routine task…

News Flash: Smoking is Bad for Your Dog

We have all heard about the dangers of smoking and secondhand smoke for people. Now, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) wants everyone to know that secondhand smoke is dangerous for pets, too. “Scientific research shows that…
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Chocolate and Dogs - A Big No-No

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to show your loved one just how much they mean to you. Gifts often include chocolate, and most of us love this delicious holiday treat. However, it is wise to keep in mind that chocolate is toxic to…
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Debarking Dogs: Inhumane or Practical?

While cruising through the daily topics that were getting attention on Twitter, I came across an interesting front page article from the New York Times on the practice of debarking dogs. This was a rather foreign topic to me and it was fascinating…
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Dog Safety with Toys and Clothes

Any dog owner knows that one of the simple facts of life for dogs is that they love toys, and they'll be more than happy to turn everyday objects, such as shoes and remote controls, into toys should the need arise. Shopping for dog toys seems…
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Brooklyn Dog Left in the Cold Thanks to Mugger

When walking through any major city you have to be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye on your possessions. But your dog’s possessions? As improbable as it sounds, a cute Westie named Lexie from the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn…
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PETA, Tiger Woods, and Pet Population Control

PETA has never been an organization to back off a major celebrity. But it appears they may have met their match with Tiger Woods. A planned billboard that attacks the iconic golfer while spreading a message to spay-and-neuter pets has been scrapped…