Your dog is adorable and you want to share them with the world. Snapping photos on your phone and posting them to social media is fine. But everyone is doing that. Instead, why not look into some creative ways you can show off your dog with some customized goodies.

Get a Painting

We’ve already covered a great artist who creates custom portraits of your dog. But there are many others on Etsy and other services that can do the same thing. A painting will provide a lifetime of memories of you and your pet to hang on your wall.

Professional Photographs

I fancy myself pretty good with the iPhone camera. But it’s nothing close to what a professional photographer can come up with. Make it a family affair too and get some great scenic shots together by someone who understand properly lighting and has the best equipment around. I absolutely love getting Christmas cards with family portraits that include the dogs.

Picture Mugs

Well this idea is a bit cliche. But sites like Shutterfly have made great advances in the old boring photo coffee mugs of the past. You can put together colorful collages and have it printed on a variety of styles (including travel mugs). If you’re a coffee drinker at the office, one of these mugs stands out from the rest.

Photo Pillows

This is a new favorite of mine as I’ve become obsessed with throw pillows. Customized pillows make a great way to spruce up a couch or old chair. Great for a guest room too. Or just throw them on the ground and let your dog use them to lay his head.

Photo Socks

As a sucker for colorful fancy socks to wear around the house, I love these from DivvyUp. You can upload your dog and have them printed on some really cool socks. Come in all sorts of colors and sizes. You can also get them with cats too.

Photo Air Fresheners

If your car gets a bit funky like mine and you find yourself needing some help, these personalized air fresheners are pretty cute. Just upload a photo of your dog and they’ll print it out on to some air fresheners that you can hang from your rear view mirror. Comes in like 8 different scents too.

Personalized Pen

AwesomeThis lets you personalize a pen with a photo of whatever you want. There are some really cool ways to throw a picture of your dog on there. Next time you reach for a pen at work or from your purse, you’ll be able to start up a nice conversation. I’ve had these for a few months now and can’t tell you how many times people have asked where I got it. Just a great idea.

Yoga Pants

Ok this one is a bit out in left field but I saw someone at the gym with something similar and it made me look them up online. Shelfies lets you put images on any pair of yoga pants you want. Now I’m not sure if I’d want to leave the house in these, but they are a way to express yourself if you’re the eccentric type.