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How to Find the Best Dog Walker?

Selecting someone to walk your treasured pet while you are at work or otherwise committed is a big decision. Not only do you need to find someone dependable and trustworthy, but you must also consider the dog walker’s ability to form a working…

Why Dog Poop Bags are so Important + How To Find The Right Type For You

We're certain that we don't need to reveal to you how astounding canines are. These lovable pets cuddle their way into our lives and our heart. All canine proprietors need to give their canines the most impressive extravagances available anywhere…
Dog dangers in winter

Dangers of Winter Weather

This week we got our first taste of winter in the midwest. While the temperature was a balmy 20 degrees, the wind chill got down to single digits. Needless to say, walks with the dog are about to get a bit shorter. Winter brings forth a new…
Doggy First Aid Kit
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An Essential Hiking Accessory - Doggie First Aid Kit

Covid-19 has had many of us cooped up inside our homes or apartments for the past few months. And while this can turn any of us stir crazy, it can also be a stressful time for your dog who has had to adjust as well. Fewer walks and socializing…

Five Simple Tips to Help You Care for Your Older Dog

As our pet dogs get older their needs change, as caring owners we want to do everything we can to help them ease comfortably into old age. So in this blog post I am going to share five simple ways that you can make your senior dog’s life…
Dog in the backyard

Creating A Dog-Friendly Yard With A Few Simple Steps

Having a backyard space that your dog can enjoy is great. However if that space isn’t designed for your pooch, you may end up doing more harm than good for your pet. So here are some simple ways you can help make your yard doggie-friendly.…
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Fall Dangers and Adventures for Your Dog

As we reach the midpoint of October, my favorite part of the season is here. The weather dips a bit, leaves change, and crisp outdoor air becomes a refreshing relief from the humid Summer. I just love fall. But with this time of season comes…

Comfortis for Dogs and Other Flea Removal Tips

Finding out your dog has a flea infestation is dreadful news. Your first thoughts are with your dog who is on the front lines dealing with them. These suckers bite and cause great discomfort. Tiny red bumps form that they can’t help but scratch.…
Dog Days of Summer

Summertime Activities with Your Dog

Memorial Day has come and gone which usually marks the start of Summer (although it was 48 degrees here in the Midwest today). And with Summer comes the opportunity to create new memories with your best friend. Below are a few of my favorite…
dog collar vs harness

Should I Use a Collar or Harness?

Ask a dog owner the best way to walk a dog and you'll get an array of answers. For decades, using a collar was the preferred way to control your four-legged companion. But a recent surge in the use of dog harnesses has made the routine task…

Spring Time is Here

For those of us up North, Spring is a welcome reprieve from the cold and snow. While we love walking our dogs, doing so in sub-zero temperatures is not fun. Neither is awkwardly wiping off their feet so they don't track a bunch of slushy mud…

How To Keep Your Dog Safe, Healthy, And Happy During The Summer

Summer and more so heat can cause a whole raft of health concerns for dogs, so keeping them cool is important. Here are some great ways to do so. Never leave your dog sitting in your car when it is hot outside. The importance of this tip…
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Exercising Your Dog

Why it Matters As a human, you usually think of exercise as something you do at a health club or in your home gym to keep in shape. This is a very narrow definition of exercise when compared to how its practiced by dogs.  The way dogs exercise…
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Dogs in Snow

Winter is here and for us Northerners, that means snow. It also means letting our dogs out to experience the pure bliss of diving into piles of the powdery white stuff. I've pulled out my phone it seems like every year to just miss the perfect…
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7 Best Dog Friendly Cities to Live

When you're looking to find greener pastures in another city, one of the qualifications should be how your dog will enjoy the experience. Some cities can be friendly to dog owners while others downright cruel. You want a mix of friendly dog…
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The Beautiful Corgi in All Its Glory

The corgi is a favorite of mine. Whenever I see those little guys pattering around it makes me smile. They are both stubborn and protective which is something I adore. Thanks to Pexels, I've put together a wonderful gallery of corgi photos for…
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Labs in Action

Labradors might make the best photo subjects. Either giving a look of pure joy or showing complete exhaustion after a day of exercise. Their curiosity and fun-loving attitude means they can be captured in action shots too. Pexels provides us…

Terrific Photos of Border Collies

Some incredible artists grace us with their work on Pexels. And the border collie section is no exception. See some of my favorite photos of this lovely breed in action. Particularly love the shots in the rain and snow.  
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Brooklyn Dog Left in the Cold Thanks to Mugger

When walking through any major city you have to be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye on your possessions. But your dog’s possessions? As improbable as it sounds, a cute Westie named Lexie from the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn…
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An Ode to the Golden Retriever

Maybe the most iconic breed in existence is the golden retriever. Seen as the ideal best friend in the canine world. They are incredibly sweet with a gentle demeaner. Love to please people and are perfect for families. Retrievers are known…

Bulldogs in Action (Sort of)

Pexels again proves to be a place to find some amazing dog photography. The bulldog section is a treat and it was tough to narrow it down to these 6 favorites.  In any event, if you're looking for some bulldogs to lighten your mood, take a…

Best Toy Dog Balls Around

If you've ever search an online dog store or walked into your local PetSmart, there are almost too many toys to even comprehend. But sometimes you just want a simple ball to play fetch with. Now many people grab a ratty old tennis ball sitting…
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Yelp for Dog Owners

Upon moving to the big city, one of the toughest things was finding dog-friendly establishments. Sure they were out there and Chicago is for the most part friendly to our canine friends. But there just wasn’t a guide to it laying around and…