With the holidays approaching, it’s time to get into the gift-buying mode. I try to get my shopping in early and avoid the December rush. Doubly so this year with the pandemic and preventing any sort of crowds. That’s why I was stoked to find a great gift idea for friends and family who own pets. It’s called Pawtrait and can be purchased online.

The product is an excellent twist on the traditional pet portrait, which can be near impossible to capture (or grossly expensive). They take a photo of your dog and turn it into a stunning illustration that can decorate your home. And with everyone spending more time at home, adding a precious portrait like this will make the recipient ecstatic.

Finding the Right Picture

To get the most out of a Pawtrait, you’re going to need a good photo to work with. The folks at Pawtrait recommend close-up shots, full face shots, and photos taken with good lighting. The dog does not need to be looking at the camera. Avoid long-distance snapshots, lousy lighting, and any blurriness. Also, make sure that you aren’t cutting off any portions of their face like the ears.

If you’re purchasing this for a friend, a great place to scour is their social media. Let’s face it, pet owners love showing off online. So pull up their Facebook account and find the best picture you can work with.

The good news is that every photo is reviewed by the Pawtrait team. So if you do end up picking a bad one, they’ll notify you and ask for a replacement.

Turning it into Art

With a picture in their hands, an artist will convert the photo into a stunning illustration. From the looks of things, it’s a talented team that captures every nuance from the image. While they currently don’t have an option to illustrate humans into the portrait, they can do other pets such as cats.

Above the illustration is the name of the pet. Customers can choose from 3 different sizes and 3 different color frames. So this gift comes complete and can be hung on a wall right away. They estimate a 7-10 day turnaround time from when your order is placed.

There are two options available when it comes to what type of Pawtrait you want. The Classic Pawtrait features the dog on a white background with their name above. It’s a modern look that should fit any decor. Great for a living room, bedroom, or even to spruce up your office.

Classic Pawtrait

The other option is “The Renaissance,” which seems like a ton of fun. They’ll take the face of your pet and add it to an old-school looking renaissance portrait. If the pet tends to run the house, grabbing one of the options with a crown would be hilarious. I’m also quite fond of the top hat and spectacle for a senior dog.

When I saw this, it reminded me of how I’d adorn my old office in similar monkey paintings (one of which I’ve attached below). They always made me laugh and caught the attention of all visitors who stopped in. I wish there had been something like this back in the day where I could have used my dog instead.

Monkey painting I had in my office

A Perfect Gift

Friends and family know that I am all about personalizing when it comes to gift-giving time. Something they haven’t seen before where I can include their name or something else to show I care. For the pet owners in your life, I think this is the perfect gift.

While the “Classic” is the safe choice, which I’m sure most people purchase, I think the “Renaissance” is excellent for those in your life with a quirky personality. Either way, these look great and are surprisingly much more affordable than you would think.