Is your dog starting to have pain or mobility issues due to his or her age? Glucosamine is one of the most popular supplements for dogs for hip support, joint support and arthritis. Usually glucosamine is combined with chondroitin and MSM to provide a better effect. It’s believed to relieve the symptoms of joint damage by repairing damaged cartilage. While there is some debate over its effectiveness, many vets do recommend it.

This blog post will help you learn the most common types and forms of glucosamine to help you decide what to buy.

Types of Glucosamine for Dogs

There are three commonly used types of glucosamine: (1) glucosamine sulfate, (2) glucosamine hydrochloride, and (3) N-acetyl-glucosamine. While these types have similarities, their effects may differ.

Many vets will recommend buying either glucosamine sulfate or glucosamine hydrochloride. Glucosamine sulfate is the type of glucosamine found most often in supplements and is believed to be the most effective type (although not all vets agree). Most studies use glucosamine sulfate.

Glucosamine hydrochloride is a more concentrated type of glucosamine, but may be less effective. N-acetyl-glucosamine can be used for joint and gastrointestinal issues, but is usually given to improve gut health and not for damaged joints.

Forms of Glucosamine in Dog Products

Dog Food with Glucosamine

If you’re looking for an easy way to give glucosamine to your dog, you can buy dog food with glucosamine already included in its ingredients. One benefit of this approach is that your dog will also meet his nutritional needs at the same time.

Here is a decent list of the best dog food with glucosamine and chondroitin, which is also another popular joint supplement. Keep in mind that you may want to check with your vet on the proper glucosamine dosage to make sure your dog doesn’t need further supplementation.

Dog Chews with Glucosamine

Another popular form of glucosamine is with dog chews.You can give the glucosamine as a treat each day in the chew. With the chews, you will know exactly how much glucosamine your dog is getting each time. Some popular sellers are Cosequin, PetNC, and Bayer.  Usually these chews will add in other helpful supplements like chondroitin, MSM, and Omega 3’s.

Liquid Glucosamine for Dogs

With the liquid form, you can pour the glucosamine into your dog’s food or drinking water. Some manufacturers claim that the liquid is easier and faster to absorb. While some of the liquid glucosamine requires refrigeration, some others do not. There are a variety of flavors to ensure that your dog likes the taste, although it may take some trial and error.

Glucosamine Powder for Dogs

Another common form is glucosamine as a powder. You can sprinkle the powder over food. Many brands offer an odorless and flavorless powder, so you don’t have to worry about your dog disliking it. You can often get a large amount of glucosamine at a reasonable price compared to some other forms.


Based on my research, glucosamine sulfate seems to be the most recommended type of glucosamine to provide your dog. You also have a number of different options of buying glucosamine whether in dog food, dog chews, liquid, or powder form. Depending on your needs, you can choose the form that is best for your dog.

Let us know if you have any comments and we hope your dog is feeling better soon.