As our pet dogs get older their needs change, as caring owners we want to do everything we can to help them ease comfortably into old age.

So in this blog post I am going to share five simple ways that you can make your senior dog’s life easier, more comfortable, happier and healthier.

Buy Them a Good Quality Senior Dog Food

Older dogs have more specific dietary and nutritional requirements for mobility, general old age and specific conditions like incontinence. They need higher levels of fat and protein to maintain muscle mass and they need omega-3 oils to keep their joints in good condition. You can also look into natural remedies for dog urinary incontinence to help deal with any weak bladder issues that may occur.

Buy them a Good Quality Orthopedic Dog Bed

Older dogs very often develop joint conditions like hip dysplasia or arthritis. But if you buy them a really good, thick, strong dog bed that can support their weight this can make a big difference to the quality of their life.

Make Sure You Take them For Regular Vet Check-ups

While using your own coping strategies and natural remedies is a great way of caring for your dog as they get older, professional help is still essential. The older your dog is the more important it is to take them to see the vet regularly for check ups.Speak to the vet and ask them how often they recommend you pop back for repeat visits. Also keep an eye out for any lumps, bumps or behavioral changes such as loss of appetite, drinking lots of water or sleeping much more than usual.

If in any doubt at all, I always say it is better go to the vet than to sit at home and worry!

Make Sure They Still Get Some (Gentle) Exercise

Even if it is just a lap around the back yard, exercise is still really important for older dogs. The movement will help keep their joints active and the mental stimulation will keep their brain healthy.

Give Them Even More Love and Cuddles

One of the sad things about dogs is that they do not live as long as us, so sooner or later we have to say goodbye to them. So as your dog gets older you should give them even more love, even more cuddles, even more treats, even more attention. This makes the dogs last few years or months as happy as possible and it allows you to feel good knowing that you did your very best for your beautiful old pooch.

Love isn’t the perfect natural remedy for old age in dogs (or humans) but certainly helps!

I hope that this quick article will give you some ideas to use with your senior doggo.

Written by Scott Jones from Pupster Passion