Selecting someone to walk your treasured pet while you are at work or otherwise committed is a big decision. Not only do you need to find someone dependable and trustworthy, but you must also consider the dog walker’s ability to form a working relationship with your pet. By asking about and investigating the dog walker’s credentials, training style, and approach to the job, you will learn more about your candidates and be able to successfully select the right dog walker for your dog and you.

Tip # 1

Finding candidates for the job, ask friends for recommendations.

If you have a dog, odds are some of your friends do as well. Seek out those who use dog walkers and ask whether they are satisfied with them and get their numbers.

  • Ask your friends questions such as:
  • “How long have you worked with your dog walker?”
  • “Are they dependable?”
  • “What kind of coverage do they offer when they are away?”
  • “Is your dog excited to see the dog walker?”

Find out whether their dog walkers are accepting new clients.

Some dog walkers offer financial incentives to clients who recommend them, so be aware of this while soliciting suggestions from your friends.

If the dog walker cannot take on your pet, ask them for recommendations.

Talk with your veterinarian or those at your local animal hospital. Many dog walkers work part time at animal hospitals or as veterinary technicians, so those can be good places to start in your search for a qualified dog walker.

Additionally, if you choose a dog walker from a business or practice you frequent, you could already have an established relationship with them. Ask the volunteers at your local animal shelter.

Animal shelters are a great resource for finding people who genuinely love and care for dogs.

If they are the type of giving person who volunteers their time, they may be a good choice for walking your dog.

Just because someone volunteers with animals, however, doesn’t mean they are a qualified dog walker. Be sure to ask about their experience with dog walking when approaching them.

Go to a local dog park.

While many dog parents are present at the dog park, dog walkers will be there as well. Frequent a nearby dog park often and strike up conversations with dog walkers whose style you admire. Ask if they are taking new dogs.

Some possible questions to ask include:

  • “How many dogs do you typically walk in a day?”
  • “Do you specialize in any particular breed or geographic location?”
  • “How long have you been a dog walker?”

Check on typical dog walker rates in your area.

Average rates for dog walkers vary considerably throughout the country, so ask fellow dog owners what they pay in your area.

The rates per walk may vary depending on whether the walker is working only with your dog or with many at the same time.

You can also ask current dog walkers what they charge and adjust your rate based on your area and experience.

Find out about whether tipping is expected on top of the agreed-upon rate.

Tip # 2

Conducting interviews, set up an interview time.

Many dog-walking services offer a free initial meeting and consultation.

During this time, you can see how the dog walker interacts with your pet and whether you have a good rapport with them.

This is a good opportunity to assess whether the interviewee shows up on time and behaves in a professional manner. After all, you will be entering into a business relationship with them.

Ask if they will accompany you on a trial walk.

This will allow you to show them how you walk your dog, and you will be able to watch how they handle the dog. Talk about logistical issues. Among the issues to discuss with your potential dog walker are where the dog will be walked, how long the walks will be, and whether the walker will come at the same time each day. Be sure to use this time to convey your dog’s needs to the interviewee.

Clearly states your preferences, such as,

  • “I prefer if you walk the dog alone, rather than with other dogs” or,
  • “It’s better if you don’t drive my dog to a trail, since it gets carsick.”


Finding the best dog walker for your dog is essential for your pet’s health and happiness. It’s not as easy as it looks however, neither is it difficult. All you need to find the best dog walker is to, check their services they offer you for your dog. By talking and meeting with many dog walkers you will be able to find the best one for your pet, so before selecting any dog walker for your dog, visit their offices and websites and see the reviews of people.