Why Dog Poop Bags are so Important + How To Find The Right Type For You

We're certain that we don't need to reveal to you how astounding canines are. These lovable pets cuddle their way into our lives and our heart. All canine proprietors need to give their canines the most impressive extravagances available anywhere…
Doggy First Aid Kit
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An Essential Hiking Accessory - Doggie First Aid Kit

Covid-19 has had many of us cooped up inside our homes or apartments for the past few months. And while this can turn any of us stir crazy, it can also be a stressful time for your dog who has had to adjust as well. Fewer walks and socializing…
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Quality Dog Gear is Worth the Cost

On occasion I head over to Reddit and look for information or the viral videos. But one subreddit has caught my attention and become valuable. It’s the /r/buyitforlife sub which features people discussing products in our lives that we can…
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Why Brushing is so Important

Brushing our dogs often feel like something that comes out of necessity to keep our home clean. The more we brush, the less our dog sheds. And if you let your dog sleep on the bed or sit on the couch, excess fur can be an enormous pain to clean. But…

Dealing With Pet Hair on Floors, Clothes, and More

As an owner of a border collie, I can tell you quite a bit about pet hair. It is everywhere. On my couch, in the carpet, and even on my clothes. And since I don't think he'd be too happy being fully shaven, I've got to deal with the problem…

Dogs and Urban Living

Go out to any city park and you’re likely to see a wide range of dogs being walked or exercised by their owners. Apartment living has special demands for both dogs and their owners, and it is wise to research particular breeds, talk to a veterinarian,…