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Spring Time is Here

For those of us up North, Spring is a welcome reprieve from the cold and snow. While we love walking our dogs, doing so in sub-zero temperatures is not fun. Neither is awkwardly wiping off their feet so they don't track a bunch of slushy mud…
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Dogs in Snow

Winter is here and for us Northerners, that means snow. It also means letting our dogs out to experience the pure bliss of diving into piles of the powdery white stuff. I've pulled out my phone it seems like every year to just miss the perfect…
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Hitting the Books

For many college students, midterms are in full gear. And as a semi-recent college graduate, the mere thought of them gives me terrible flashbacks. I even woke up in a sweat the other night thinking I was taking a midterm for a class I had never…
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The Beautiful Corgi in All Its Glory

The corgi is a favorite of mine. Whenever I see those little guys pattering around it makes me smile. They are both stubborn and protective which is something I adore. Thanks to Pexels, I've put together a wonderful gallery of corgi photos for…
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Dogs Celebrating Christmas

Christmas season is a time for joy for everyone in your family. And that includes your dogs. While getting them to pose for a photo with a big Santa hat on might be difficult, you can still find other ways to enjoy the holiday. In a never-ending…

Terrific Photos of Border Collies

Some incredible artists grace us with their work on Pexels. And the border collie section is no exception. See some of my favorite photos of this lovely breed in action. Particularly love the shots in the rain and snow.  
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An Ode to the Golden Retriever

Maybe the most iconic breed in existence is the golden retriever. Seen as the ideal best friend in the canine world. They are incredibly sweet with a gentle demeaner. Love to please people and are perfect for families. Retrievers are known…