Art is a passion of mine and when you can mix a classic masterpiece with some dogs, I’m sold. Parousing through Etsy the other day I found an absolute gem of an artist. The owner Aja uses mash-ups of Starry Night to make some incredibly colorful works of art. Editors note: I used to have […]

It’s NCAA tournament time and everyone in the office is filling out their brackets. Some people do a bunch of research picking the best teams on their own statistical analysis. Some look to the experts to see who they like. Others, just like to pick the team with the best mascots. I thought it would […]

My first dog was a beagle and they will always have a special place in my heart. These friendly and gentle dogs are perfect for a family. Fiercely loyal and always in a good mood. They are rarely aggressive. So when I found a rescue that focuses on beagles, I was ecstatic. BREW Beagle Rescue […]

One Tail at a Time

I get no better joy than to watch a rescue group become a success. And for One Tail at a Time, I’ve seen that transformation over the past decade. This organization started out incredibly small. A few passionate people with a few dogs they were looking to find homes for. Fast forward to today and […]

Winter is here and for us Northerners, that means snow. It also means letting our dogs out to experience the pure bliss of diving into piles of the powdery white stuff. I’ve pulled out my phone it seems like every year to just miss the perfect shot. But fortunately some people have gathered that and […]

Spice up any room in your home with some incredible art from Oliver Gal. The artist takes everyday breeds and puts them in fun positions. Definitely a conversation starter for any guest that comes into your home. The artwork is professional printed on gallery wrapped canvas. They come in multiple sizes and are not priced […]

I’m always in search for wonderful art for my home. And as a dog lover, finding anything that centers around our canine partners is at the top of my list. I’ve put together a few artists I absolutely adore. Melissa Dettloff This talented artist works out of Detroit and creates the most beautiful cards you […]

Twitter can be a brutal place at times. People bickering incessantly about politics or trashing the latest movie to come out. But there is a bit of a sanctuary with some dog feeds. Here are some of our favorite follows to uplift your timeline. @dogsontrains As the name suggests, this is an account that tweets […]

Etsy is a great place to find under-the-radar artists. And Marion behind Pet Portraits is one of them. Her focus is on pop art which is a favorite of mine. I love how she brings to life a dog and shows its best assets. But what separates this store from others is that they can […]

I don’t quite know what this type of art falls into. I just know that I love it. Media Graffiti Studio takes everyday dogs and makes them pop on the canvas. Just a great statement to have on your wall. Or a thoughtful gift for a friend. The colors are rich and there is an […]

As someone who has visited Minnesota many times in my life, I can tell you that they are the sweetest people on the planet. The friendly Midwest personality turned up to 11. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that they do some great work with animals. I’d like to profile a few that have been […]

Lets get this out of the way. I watch a lot of TV. You can find me streaming through seasons of shows all weekend. I can spot obscure actors from other shows in an instant. And that makes me sort of an expert here when I tell you who are the best TV show dogs […]

Amazon sure is convenient. Especially as a Prime member I can have anything I want to my door in 2 days flat. And it seems like a giant pet store like PetSmart is popping up in every suburb. But the heart and soul of the designer dog industry is in small boutiques. These are the […]

We have all heard about the dangers of smoking and secondhand smoke for people. Now, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) wants everyone to know that secondhand smoke is dangerous for pets, too. “Scientific research shows that people who smoke are more likely to get certain types of cancer and other diseases, but a lot of people […]

When you’re looking to find greener pastures in another city, one of the qualifications should be how your dog will enjoy the experience. Some cities can be friendly to dog owners while others downright cruel. You want a mix of friendly dog laws, parks for them to play in, and landlords that are more lenient […]

The corgi is a favorite of mine. Whenever I see those little guys pattering around it makes me smile. They are both stubborn and protective which is something I adore. Thanks to Pexels, I’ve put together a wonderful gallery of corgi photos for you to enjoy. Out for a stroll by the pool. Catching some […]

Songs are written about love, heartbreak, even loss. Sometimes even a beat up old pickup truck. But they’re also written about dogs. And it might surprise you to see some of the names on this list. Beatles – Martha My Dear While McCartney said the song was about a long lost love, he admits that […]

Treats are a way of life when owning a dog. But sometimes we want to venture out past the bland milkbones and offer up something special. You can find a gourmet dog shop that makes specialty items, but they can be quite expensive. So my solution, bake your own cake! Now as someone who isn’t […]

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to show your loved one just how much they mean to you. Gifts often include chocolate, and most of us love this delicious holiday treat. However, it is wise to keep in mind that chocolate is toxic to dogs and if ingested, it can be fatal. An excellent article […]

While cruising through the daily topics that were getting attention on Twitter, I came across an interesting front page article from the New York Times on the practice of debarking dogs. This was a rather foreign topic to me and it was fascinating to read the various view points on the issue. At first glance, debarking […]