There is something about a guide dog. Their selfless devotion to their owner to literally be the eyes and ears for them as they navigate the world. The training is immense and the trust that must be placed in these exceptional dogs is immense.

With that said, I can’t think of a better way to support an animal charity than donating to one that provides guide dogs to those in need. It is an expensive task and not the first place people look when giving. Here are a couple I feel are worth your support.

Guide Dogs for the Blind

This organization receives no government funding and provides all their services to free for those in need. They have been operating out of California since 1942 to help the blind. They provide free of charge personalized training, and post-graduation support. There is financial assistance for veterinary car as well.

To top it off, Charity Navigator rates them as one of the best charities out there. Over 80% of all donations go into the programs expenses that it delivers to those in need.

Southeastern Guide Dogs

Since 1982, Southeastern Guide Dogs has been transforming lives by creating an important bond between dogs and people. Over 3,000 dogs have been matched since their inception and that number continues to grow. They have a special focus on helping veterans coming back from the war who have lost their site.

Again, Charity Navigator rates this organization incredibly high. 77.5% of donations go right into the programs and services. Truly a charity that deserves our support.


Amazon Smile

It should be noted that both organizations participate in the Amazon Smile program. So if you purchase a lot through Amazon, set them up as your charity and have 0.5% of your purchase automatically go to these wonderful causes.