As someone who has visited Minnesota many times in my life, I can tell you that they are the sweetest people on the planet. The friendly Midwest personality turned up to 11. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that they do some great work with animals. I’d like to profile a few that have been on my radar for some time.

Second Hand Hounds (

I love a good comeback story so when an organization focuses on rehabilitating dogs, I’m ecstatic. That’s what the folks at Second Hand Hounds does. They do the standard rescue stuff by taking in dogs, getting them ready for adoption, and finding them a forever home.

But where they differ is in an incredible hospice service they offer. Many elderly dogs are abandoned and can’t be adopted. This program puts these dogs into a loving home for their final days. An incredibly selfless act that brings a tear to my eye just hearing about. If that touches you as much as it did me, please consider donating to sponsor a hospice dog.

Ruff Start Rescue (

As the name implies, this organization focuses on cats and dogs that had a rough start to their life. Those that were abandoned, neglected, or surrendered. It takes a special group of people to care for these pets and get them rehabilitated to a point where they can go on to live a happy life.

This rescue doesn’t have a shelted but instead relies on a network of foster families in Central Minnesota. Resources are always needed to help pay for medical expenses, food, and other amenities. A terrific organization that helps the most vulnerable dogs out there.

Underdog Rescue (

Underdog was started in 2000 and has been adopting dogs for over a decade. They have stringent requirements for finding the right home. They are outspoken opponents of commercial breeding (like us) and many of their dogs come from that background. Their goal this year is to adopt 1000 dogs. Lets hope they hit it.

Twin Cities Pet Rescue (

This rescue saves lives. They pull animals from kill shelters, foster them, and find them forever homes in the Twin Cities area. Frequent events are held throughout the area and they are always looking for volunteers to help.


If there are other great organizations in the state of Minnesota, please let us know on our contact form or through the comments below. We will add them as soon as possible.

And as always, please support a shelter or rescue using Amazon Smile.