Border Collies make some of the best companions ever. They are bright, clever, and suited for the great outdoors. These energetic dogs need plenty of exercise to keep them happy.

Unfortunately many people get a border collie due to their herding instincts and ability to work on farms. But for those that don’t have a strong herding mentality, they are given up. This is why so many end up in shelters throughout the country.

Thankfully there are some great charities that focus on the border collie breed. They aim to adopt these dogs into loving home and educated people on the advantages and disadvantages of bring this breed into your household. If you love border collies as much as I do, please help support one of these terrific charities.

All Border Collie Rescue – Started in 2008, they are based out of Woodlands, Texas. They rescue and sometimes rehab Border Collies before finding them a forever home.

Border Collie Rescue of Northern California – Working out of California, this charity uses donations and adoptions fees to pay for fostering of dogs and their medical bills (which can be exorbitant). Their site features a phethora of information on the breed and proper training methods.

Border Collie Rescue & Rehab – This is a network of volunteer foster homes that rescue and rehabilitate abandoned border collies (along with some other herding breeds). They provide them with the proper vaccinations, heartwork tests, spay/neuter, and essential training. You can donate directly or become a volunteer.

If you are someone looking to adopt, be sure to have your home prepared for when you take your border collie home. Proper food and bowls are needed, alongside a brush which is important considering their long hair. And don’t forget choosing the best bed for a Border Collie to insure they feel safe and secure in their new home.