Dog Days of Summer

Memorial Day has come and gone which usually marks the start of Summer (although it was 48 degrees here in the Midwest today). And with Summer comes the opportunity to create new memories with your best friend.

Below are a few of my favorite activities. Along with a couple I hope to do for the first time this year.

dog surfing

I will not be doing this over the Summer

Hitting the Beach

It’s a popular Summer destination for a reason. Getting your dog out on the beach to enjoy the sun and run through the sand can be a great time. I usually pack my Hyper Pet Throw n Go and throw it as far as I can so that he can enjoy every minute of his time outside.

You do want to make sure your beach allows dogs and that you’re not creating a mess on the beach where others are going to lay out. I also find it essential to pack a couple water bottles so they don’t get dehydrated. I also throw a couple bandannas in the ice cooler that I can throw around him to keep the body temperature down. And of course some towels over the car seats because my dog loves to find unique ways to get as filthy as possible.

Buy a Kiddie Pool

This was a recent discovery when visiting my Sister last Summer. She had a kiddie pool set up and my dog went crazy in it. Splashing around, diving in and out, and just having the time of his life. There was so much enjoyment that I ordered one off Amazon that night so he could have some fun at home.

Sprinkler Baths

While we’re on the topic of water, breaking out a sprinkler or hose can be a blast. Your dog has to be one that enjoys it however. Despite my dog loving the pool, he isn’t a huge fan of the sprinkler. Likes to get real close and then tear off when it comes around to his direction.


There is no better way to bond with your dog than through a weekend out camping in the wilderness. Go for walks on trails during the day, get a little fishing in, and spend the night by the campfire. Your dog will love the new adventure.

Camping does require some planning and safety measures. Everything from bringing a First Aid kit to their papers in case a nosy park ranger asks.

Go Hiking

A couple years ago I got into hiking. And I’ve enjoyed it much more when I bring my dog with. He enjoys all the new smells and environments, and I have someone to keep me entertained along the way. Not to mention some extra safety he provides. But make sure you keep them on a collar or harness. Dogs like chasing little critters through the woods.

Dine Out on the Town

If you live in a city, you’d be surprised just how many restaurants have become dog friendly. This usually requires eating outside on the patio. You enjoy a meal and they get to people watch by your side.

Make Some Frozen Treats

I’m always looking for unique treats and learning about frozen “pupsicles” has been a revelation. They’re easy to make and my dog goes wild for them. A great treat on those particularly hot Summer days.

Head Out on the Water

This is something I haven’t done yet but hope to in the near future. Getting my dog out on the lake in a nice boat. He loves the water and think would enjoy it. I’ve had friends say it’s a great experience (especially if you’re catching fish in the process). I would be a little concerned with safety, but they make some great doggie life preservers these days that should do the job.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Did you know that more and more baseball teams are having “Take your dog to the park days”? Many of them are minor league squads but the Chicago White Sox have been doing it for years. If they’re good with people, I think this would be a blast. And if a professional game is not in the cards, walking to a local little league game might be fun too.

Just Chill at the Park

This last one doesn’t require much effort. Just grab a blanket, some snacks, and hang out at the local park for awhile. Your dog will meet new people and maybe even some other dog friends. Fresh air, exercise, and some personal interaction that costs you nothing.

Be Safe and Enjoy Summer

Those are just a few of the things I hope to do with my dog this Summer. Just remember, dogs can’t sweat to regulate their temperature. So be sure to keep them cool and out of the hot sun as often as possible. Take long walks in the early mornings or evenings. And always have some extra water on hand (they make great dog water bottles now too!).

Be safe and enjoy the Summer with your dog. We don’t get many nice days up here in the North. So enjoy them the best you can.