Dogs have been man’s best companions for tens of thousands of years. And there’s no surprise that there are 89.7 million dogs in the United States alone. Keeping your dog safe, happy, and healthy becomes crucial for mankind because dogs and other animal companions have a direct relation with their humans’ happiness and well-being. Well, this relationship comes with responsibilities for dog parents. A safe, happy, and healthy life is the fundamental requirement for a sustainable relationship between a happy man and a happy dog.

One of the easiest ways to keep your pooch happy and healthy is through an appropriate combination of diet, nutrition, and exercise which will help to boost immunity and energy, maintain muscles, and promote healthy digestion. Here are some key points explained to keep your dog safe, happy, and healthy.


Let your dog play at a pet-friendly park for long hours. If not playing, then just let them be there. This will help dogs improving their dog-to-dog interaction and dog-to-people interaction. Early socialization is quite important because that will decide how sociable your dog would be when he will be bigger. Taking them to the park will not only help them socialize with other dogs but also will help them get plenty of physical and mental exercise which will ultimately curb destructive behaviors and bad house habits. Also, they’ll be ready to make some new friends in the future.

Nutrition and Diet

Nutrition plays a key role in your dog’s overall health and immunity. The food and the diet patterns decide what kind of nutrition your dog will get. That said, a balanced diet will satisfy the nutritional needs of your canine pal. Which will, in turn, improve and sustain the mental and physical health of your buddy. You should try to follow any popular balanced diet with quality food and ingredients. You would also notice a significant change in the dog’s skin, coat, digestion, and energy. If you think your dog is showing some weird symptoms or some abnormal behavior, please seek your vet’s advice. Because your dog might lack any of the essential nutrients.

While you’re talking about nutrition and diet, it is quite important to keep in mind that all the ingredients are not of the same quality and not all the meals with the same ingredients and same nutritional value may not be equally nutritious. The same goes for supplements. For example, if you’re dog requires multivitamin supplements, choose the best multivitamins that your dogs will require.

Plenty of Exercise

Exercise for dogs doesn’t  just include physical activity but it also includes mental stimulation. As the saying goes, “A tired dog is a happy dog.”, you should get your dog tired by indulging himself in plenty of physical exercises and mental stimulation based on what breed of dog he is. Seek help from professional trainers, vets, or experts who can also help online with this matter. The downside of your dog not getting enough exercise is their destructive behavior. So, ensure that your pet is exhausted before you come home after exercising.

Belly Rubs

All the dogs love belly rubs. Well, when your dog is resting on his back anticipating belly rubs, know that he trusts you and this is a submissive sign. So, when next time your dog or puppy flops down and rolls onto his back, give him an adorable, and affectionate rub and scratch.

Visit the Groomer Regularly

Seeing your vet regularly is going to be beneficial in the long run but have you ever thought grooming is equally important both your dog’s appearance as well as their physical health and well being? Grooming your buddy won’t only make them look clean but also allows you to check for issues such as fleas, ticks, dry patches, and more. However, a good diet and caretaking give you a chance to flaunt your pet’s shiny coat, courtesy of a well-balanced diet. So, never miss scheduling your groomer’s appointment when it’s due.

Oral Care is Essential

Oral health is a good window to your pooch’s health. For instance, if your dog’s mouth smells like urine, he might be suffering from kidney disease. To notice this sign, you must be maintaining your dog’s oral health because poor oral health can mask the peculiar sugary and urine smell and you will not be able to sense the early warnings of diseases.

Moreover, poor oral health can cause dental health issues like periodontal disease. In a nutshell, you should brush your dog’s teeth regularly to keep his dental and oral health good. Make a routine, give them good crunchy kibbles, and make sure he gets to eat raw bones.

Give Them Their Personal Space

Just like you need personal space, your dog too needs it. Whether the guests have arrived or a vacuum is running and your dog doesn’t want to be around you and wants to just lay down in a secret place, there should be a special and isolated place for him. Sometimes he likes to be alone to enjoy his own company and be happy.

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