When walking through any major city you have to be aware of your surroundings and keep an eye on your possessions. But your dog’s possessions? As improbable as it sounds, a cute Westie named Lexie from the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn had her coat stolen from her behind the owner’s back the other night. Yes, that’s right, someone mugged a dog of their coat in the Winter. What kind of person does that?

The story was originally posted on a popular Park Slope blog (domain name does contain a swear word if that bothers you), but has blown up in the New York area with stories in the NY Post and some local television affiliates. According to owner Donna McPherson, her 10-year old was left for a few seconds on the sidewalk as she ran into the store to pick up some milk. That was enough time for the mugger to swipe the coat from the dog and take off without anyone spotting them. The green wool coat she was wearing had leather trim and a belt. The retail cost was $25. Despite the sadness of the story, the good news is that Lexie wasn’t hurt by the thief.

Police currently have no one in custody and no suspects. The neighborhood is apparently known to be safe and this is out of the ordinary. As a city dweller myself, having my dog mugged has never crossed my mind.. Perhaps it’s the recession that’s causing people to do desperate things, but who robs a coat from a dog in the freezing cold?

Hopefully Lexie recovers from the event un-traumatized. The two new coats her owner bought her might help cheer her up a little. Hopefully the next time someone tries to steal her coat she can take a nice bite out of their hand.