Registering a Service Dog

As a service dog owner, the joys of leading a more independent life with a treasured companion far outweigh much of the hassle you may receive when you are traveling around with your dog. But unfortunately, many service dog owners do experience some form of harassment along the way; whether it’s restricting access or a large number of questions. It’s important to remember that your rights are protected under the ADA national guidelines and there are steps you can take to make life easier for you and your service dog. While registering your companion with a reputable company isn’t a requirement, doing so will give you access to valuable information and equipment to make traveling around with your dog a breeze. So, what advantages does a service dog registration service offer?


Have you ever had trouble boarding a flight with your service dog? Have you seen people being questioned about what the dog is for? Just like any other passenger, the TSA has guidelines for service dogs. They can’t block any aisle or bar emergency access; and they will have to undergo the same screening process as every other passenger. This applies across the board for any form of public transportation, even cruise ships.

And although your rights are protected, without identification, it might be harder for officials to grant access without asking questions. When you register your service dog, you will be provided with valuable paperwork and identification materials to help airline staff easily identify you and your animal without the questions and hassle. With items such as dogs vests, badges and certificates, your travel will vastly improve.


And along the lines of travel, many hotels across the country allow pets; but a majority of establishments charge a special fee or deposit. And even more common, many hotels do not allow pets at all. While it is against the law for hotels to bar service dogs, they can ask you a series of very limited questions before granting you access.

One way to avoid this line of questioning is having professional identification with you and your dog when checking into a hotel.


Under several laws, including the ADA and Fair Housing Act (FHA), you and your service dog are provided protection against housing discrimination. And while these are laws in place; not everyone will strive to put your interests first – which is why registration can be a very beneficial step to take in order to ease the burden of securing new housing.

With a reputable service, you will gain access to essential material to ensure you are having a stress-free move. In addition to identification equipment, most services will be FHA compliant and provide you with a sample letter that you can personalize and present to your landlord; among other things.

Equipment for Public Places

Regardless of where you are with your service dog, you have the right to take your companion wherever you go. But with the rise in reports of fake service dogs and the real complication that exists for people with legitimate disabilities; making sure you are properly and legally identified will ease the burden for you and your dog. Whether you are taking the subway or attending a concert; these animals are trained to help you live a more independent life. Taking advantage of a registration service to help both you and your dog is a no brainer!

Register Your Dog with USA Service Dogs

Choosing a reputable service dog registration company is of the utmost importance. With USA Service Dogs, you are not only getting a business that is 100 percent compliant with the laws, but you are also joining a network of over 100,000 service dog owners. USA Service Dogs offers registration and ID kit options for different needs and budgets. The kits include equipment like leashes, collars, and service dog vests. With key identification provided, along with the support of a trusted provider, USA Service Dogs will help you understand the law and your rights; and provide the information you need to fully enjoy your life with your companion.