This story came across my Twitter news feed the other day and I love it. If you’re familiar with the craft beer industry, you know they can get real creative with names and artwork. It’s one of the joys of choosing something unique to drink at the liquor store. But the method by Motorworks Brewing in Florida tops them all.

January marked “Yappy Hour” for the company. The month was centered around the brewery raising money for local animal shelters. To promote shelter dogs, they decided to create labels with the adoptable dogs as the focus. Here’s a Facebook post of theirs explaining it a bit. Needless to say, this was a huge hit in the community.

Motorworks dog label beer

When the company received national media attention, they were bombarded with people wanting to buy the beer to support the cause. Unfortunately due to laws, it made it impossible for them to ship the beer out of state. Instead, they decided to sell the labels themselves to people who wanted them. All profits went to the charity.

If you’re interested, Motorworks is still selling labels on their website. It appears sold out for the moment, but they seem to be in the process of creating more.

Just love to see a local business and charity team up to do something great like this.