There’s a feeling of helplessness that overcomes us when our dog is in pain. Watching them struggle to move, we’d do anything to make them feel better. Recently I’ve encountered this with my parents dog “Russ”. He’s 11 years old now and started to develop some arthritis. At first it was just some hesitation when […]

While I was carousing around Reddit the other day, I found a photo of a dog with some kind of lizard on his back. They both looked comfy and completely safe with each other. I was flabbergasted and decided to look more into this lizard which goes by the name of the bearded dragon (or […]

Dog training is the most important part of owning a dog. It is the application of behavior analysis. Dog training dates back to at least Roman times. There are a variety of established ways of dog training some of the better known ones are clicker training, motivational training, dominance training and relationship based training. There […]

Dog Days of Summer

Memorial Day has come and gone which usually marks the start of Summer (although it was 48 degrees here in the Midwest today). And with Summer comes the opportunity to create new memories with your best friend. Below are a few of my favorite activities. Along with a couple I hope to do for the […]

dog collar vs harness

Ask a dog owner the best way to walk a dog and you’ll get an array of answers. For decades, using a collar was the preferred way to control your four-legged companion. But a recent surge in the use of dog harnesses has made the routine task of walking our dog more confusing. Which method […]

dog sleeping in bed

Sharing your bed with your dog or cat does not necessarily have to be a nuisance. In fact, sleeping with your pet can be quite comforting. According to a recent study conducted by Mayo Clinic, and published by Time Magazine, sleeping with your cat or dog could help improve your sleep. In the study, 40 […]

For those of us up North, Spring is a welcome reprieve from the cold and snow. While we love walking our dogs, doing so in sub-zero temperatures is not fun. Neither is awkwardly wiping off their feet so they don’t track a bunch of slushy mud through the house. That’s why Spring is so much […]

Dogs sleeping on the bed

It is easy to separate you and your pets’ sleep when you’re taking care of hamsters or fish. But when you share a living space with your furry friend, things tend to be pretty different. An indoor dog or pet can have various designated spaces throughout the house from beds to scratching posts and the like, […]

Buying expensive pet products and supplies is not an absolute waste. Mainly because, expensive pet items such as dry dog food, often contain better ingredients. Simply put, you get a better product for paying more. However, there are ways pet parents spend more money that adds no real value. Just by changing a couple of […]

If you’re like me, you can’t live without Amazon. I find myself buying almost everything I need from them including toilet paper. It’s a huge convenience and just a way of life. So when I learned that a small percent of that money I was already planning on spending at Amazon could go to a […]