Out of all the breeds of cats out there, I love some good old fashioned fluffy cats. Sure they don’t bode well for my allergies, but they look majestic. And there may not be anyone better to cuddle with.

As you might expect, there are some things you should know before adding one of these lovable pets to your family.

Lots of Grooming

Long hair means more maintenance on these cats. This isn’t just necessary to keep their skin healthy, but to avoid having them cough up hairballs all over your floor. This means regular brushing.

Brushing is not always an easy task. As you probably know, cats are finicky. If they don’t want to be brushed, they are going to make it difficult on you. That’s why it’s best to start at an early age. Wait for your cat to be relaxed and brush in comfortable situations. Perhaps when they’re sitting on the couch next to you and feeling safe.

With fluffy cats, any old brush won’t do. You need one specifically designed for them. These are typically larger and have long wiry natural bristles. If you’re lazy like me, devices like the furminator can help a lot.

A Healthy Diet

To keep long hair and the underlying skin, you need to take special consideration to their diet. I’m a fan of all-natural diets with plenty of meat and few additives. But this is ultimately a question for your vet.

It’s worth noting that some cat food companies create specially designed food for long haired cats. These add in some vitamins that help with skin and hair care. Also many contain Omega-3 fats. Royal Canin is a personal favorite brand of mine.

No Need for Baths

This fact sort of surprised me. I just figured a long haired cat would require regular baths with shampoo to keep themselves clean. But in actuality, a healthy cat doesn’t need them. They do a wonderful job of cleaning themselves.

In fact, baths can actually be bad for your cat. It can lead to dry skin and eczema. Plus it can lead to you getting some unpleasant scratches from an angry kitty.

Which Type of Fluffy Cat is Right for You?

Now for the fun part. Choosing which fluffy cat you’d like to add to your home. There are far too many breeds to cover here, so I’m just going to highlight a few of my favorites.


Ragdoll cats are one of the best choices for those with kids. They’re easy going and incredibly sweet. FloppyCats.com is run by a cat blogger and influencer who has loads of information on this breed. It’s a venerable one-stop shop for information on these adorable cats.


Perhaps the most famous of the long haired breeds. They have a reputation of being “diva” like. But that’s not fair. They’re actually easy to get along with, just not as playful as others. Consider them a bit of a couch potato.

Maine Coon

Now these are some big kitties. They can get to around 15 pounds with ease. This breed is a bit more mischievous than the others listed. They love the outdoors and can sometimes get themselves into trouble in the neighborhood. But at home, they’re friendly and great with kids. They also tend to be one of the easier long-haired cats to groom.

Do Your Homework

Whatever you decide, it’s best to do your homework before bringing in one of these lovable animals into your home. Be sure you can handle the grooming and dietary needs. And that you’re prepared to deal with some excess shedding.