I get no better joy than to watch a rescue group become a success. And for One Tail at a Time, I’ve seen that transformation over the past decade.

This organization started out incredibly small. A few passionate people with a few dogs they were looking to find homes for. Fast forward to today and they have adopted 634 dogs in 2018. That is some incredible work.

One Tail goes beyond just adopting dogs, they are local activists in the community. They run the only shelter diversion program in Chicago. When a shelter becomes overcrowded and can no longer take a dog, they jump in to find a no-kill rescue group or shelter to help out. This bypasses the city shelter system.

Another fantastic issue they champion is under-served neighborhoods. The best shelters and resources for pet owners tend to fall in the wealthier parts of the city. One Tail works to serve the other communities by providing much needed medicine, supplies, and support to those in need.

Puppy mills are another cause they fight for. Ending these inhumane facilities is a priority. That is why they promote adoption and rescuing of dogs that survived these cruel upbringings.

So if you’d like to support an incredible grassroots organization in the Chicago area, I can’t recommend these folks enough. True dog lovers that will use your donations to make the world a better place for our precious companions.