It’s Valentine’s Day and maybe you don’t have a big date this year. But with your dog around, you can still enjoy the holiday. Nothing says “I Love You” than showing your pet how much you care with a special day. Here are a few tips:

Buy Some Treats

Not just regular treats, get him something special. Maybe a heart shaped doggy cookie or one of those ice cream cakes for dogs. If you’re good in the kitchen, this might be the time to see if you can make up a batch of treats all on your own.


I’m guessing your house is already filled with mountains of toys. Most of which your dog has gotten tired of and no longer plays with. But how about something special for the occasion? A new bone always does the trick for me.

Clean Up

With no hot date this evening, take that time to catch up on some cleaning you normally wouldn’t do. Clean his bed, blankets, and food area. Make him feel special by giving him the most comfortable surroundings you can.

Go to the Park

If weather permits, this is a great time to head to the park and get some exercise in.


Dogs love to cuddle and it is the best way to show how much you care for them. Make them feel safe and secure tonight while you put on a sad movie and eat a pint of ice cream.

Take a Selfie

Remember your special day and be sure to share it with your friends. Valentine’s Day can be a bummer for a lot of people. Those who have been divorced or are recently widowed. Why not cheer them up with a cute picture of you two?

And speaking of pictures, here’s some Valentin’e Day dog photos I’m sure you will love.