Finding health information for your dog online can be a mixed bag. Plenty of so-called experts jumping at the chance to tell you what to do with your dog. While the proper approach is to talk to your vet, it can be time consuming and expensive to stop in whenever you have a basic question on their care. Thankfully there are some terrific online resources to make this easier.

Dr Jen’s Dog Blog (

Dr. Jen is a veterinarian and professional dog trainer rolled into one. She created her blog in 2016 to help owners navigate through the adventures of raising and training a dog. He focus is on behavioral issues like OCD, anxiety from separation, and aggression.

The blog is loaded with helpful nuggets that should help anyone. She also has a book on Amazon and a podcast named “Dog Talk” that is available through iTunes.

Dr Belinda the Vet (

Oodles of great information are buried throughout this site. Aimed toward dog owners, vets, and future vets. Some great photos of treatment and the results.

Vet Girl on the Run (

This blog gets much more technical and focuses on the medical procedures that can take place. The audience is mainly current vets or future ones, but you can glean some knowledge if your dog is in need of serious medical help.

SkepVet (

This is a vet who questions some of the assumed best treatments for our pets. It looks at this through a scientific lens. I wouldn’t recommend taking everything this site says to heart, but it is interesting to hear some alternative voices in the space.