As a kid I can remember the rare trip out to the pet store where we’d search for fun toys and treats for our dog and cat. It was fun, but we were also at the mercy of what the local pet store had in stock. Usually the same name brand products that became boring after awhile. But then the internet stepped in.

With e-commerce soaring over the years, we’ve seen an enormous uptick in not only the types of products available, but in innovation and creativity. It’s become almost difficult to shop with so many different options available. It’s why I’ve taken a liking to subscription boxes.

For those who aren’t familiar, subscription boxes work like this. You pay a monthly fee and the company will mail you out an assortment of goodies for your pet. Sometimes it’s toys, treats, or accessories. Think of it like the old Beer of the Month club you would get for your Dad on Father’s Day. Except for your pets.

Below are a few options available that I think you may enjoy.

Bark Box

If you’ve listened to podcasts at all, you’ve likely heard about Bark Box. It’s the premier subscription box service for dogs. Plans start at $22 a month and each box has its own theme. You get two toys, two bags of all-natural treats, and a chew. Bark Box takes pride in that every treat is made in the US or Canada.

Saddle Box

Little known fact, but my good friend growing up owned two horses when I was a kid. Spent countless hours horseback riding and grooming them. It’s an experience I think every child should get. So needless to say, I have a giant soft spot for these majestic creatures in my heart. And it’s a known fact that many people who own horses will also own a dog. The two animals in fact get along great. Kind of kindred spirits of sorts.

Saddle Box is one of the only gift box services available for horse owners today. Each horse box comes with tasty treats, grooming tools and tack, and some other goodies (including gifts for the owners themselves). And from looking at the reviews online, they seem to be a big hit. Gifts for horse lovers can be hard to find, but this seems like a wonderful choice.


This is a subscription box service for those who have dogs that make mincemeat out of everyday toys. The concept here is to fill the box with nutritional treats and some extremely tough chew toys. Unlike other companies, the products in this box are all made by the company BullyMake. So you might not get as much variety as you’re looking for. But if you’ve got a dog with a powerful bite, this might be for you.

Pooch Perks

This company is unique in that they cater the boxes toward each dog. Treats are primarily grain-free and are customized in the event your dog suffers from allergies. Plus the toys take into account your dog’s size. A great choice for those looking for a bit more customization.

My Aquarium Box

There’s even subscription boxes for aquarium hobbyists and fish lovers out there. This company packs the monthly box with unique fish food, aquarium gadgets, health supplements, and items to decorate the tank. You of course get to choose between freshwater, cichlid, and saltwater tanks.

Loot Pet

You may have heard of Loot Crate before. That subscription service focuses on “geeky” items for both kids and adults. Well their offshoot is Loot Pets. This continues with the “geeky” theme by providing pet apparel, accessories, toys, and treats that fit the particular theme. Many of these items are in the sci-fi genre or comic books. They are charitable as well. $1 from each subscription goes toward local and national pet charities.

Purr Packs

We certainly can’t leave out cats here. Purr Packs keeps with the theme by packing each box with natural treats, kitty toys, and of course catnip. There are some customization options too if you’d like to exclude certain protein sources from being included.

The Farmer’s Dog

While this might not be as much fun as the other boxes, The Farmer’s Dog focuses on healthy and fresh dog food that’s made with human-grade USDA ingredients. That’s right, this food doesn’t sit around a warehouse for months. It’s shipped just days after cooking.

The meals come in pre-portioned vacuum sealed packs that don’t require any fuss. Think of it like Hello Fresh but for dogs.

Dapper Dog

As the name suggests, this company adds some flair to their boxes. Sure you’ll get the natural treats and durable toys you can find elsewhere. But they love throwing in some fun accessories like colorful bandannas and bow ties. Your dog can look different each time they head out on the town with you. Plus I love their choice of toys which seem to be fun takes on everyday items.

Look for Coupons

If you think a subscription box service is for you, I highly recommend scouring the web a bit for a coupon code. Most of these companies love to give a few dollars off the initial box. They’re looking for long term customers and getting people to try out their service.