I’m always in search for wonderful art for my home. And as a dog lover, finding anything that centers around our canine partners is at the top of my list. I’ve put together a few artists I absolutely adore.

Melissa Dettloff

This talented artist works out of Detroit and creates the most beautiful cards you can find. Send them to a friend or frame them for your walls. She has a physical store in Detroit, but you can find most of her work on Etsy.

Michael Keck

I’m an enormous fan of abstract art and Michael Keck knocks it out of the park. The creativity in these prints is extraordinary and make wonderful additions to any home. In fact, I have two of his canvas prints inside a guest room in the home. At around $60, they are affordable and support a terrific artist.

Jo Chambers

Not only does Jo do custom portraits of dogs, she does them of cats as well. If you’re looking to immortalize your dog, this is the  place to go. And if you just want some fun puppy stationary and prints, her Etsy shop offers great options too.

Robert McClintock

There is something about Robert’s work that draws me to it. As a digital artist, he puts together some amazing prints that would look great in any home. From Jack Russell Terriers to Yellow Labs. He is great at capturing the energy and personality of dogs like no one else can.

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