Twitter can be a brutal place at times. People bickering incessantly about politics or trashing the latest movie to come out. But there is a bit of a sanctuary with some dog feeds. Here are some of our favorite follows to uplift your timeline.


As the name suggests, this is an account that tweets and re-tweets photos of dogs chilling on trains. It seems odd but it’s such a delight watching how adorable they look riding the subway.


This account rates photos of dogs. Now you might think that’s cruel, but just take a look. No dog falls under a perfect 10/10 and the feed is filled with adorable pups doing all sorts of fun things. Don’t trust me though, they have a whopping 7 million followers on Twitter and are a verified account. Heck, I think they even got a book deal out of it.


Ever wonder what you’re dog is thinking? This account tweets from the perspective of a dog. Seems a little odd but with over 2 million followers, people seem to love it.


This is a UK dog welfare charity that has a vibrant Twitter feed filled with photos of dogs. These dogs are all up for adoption so root for a happy ending with all of them.


Nearly 50,000 tweets chronicling the cutes animals in existence. Just scroll through the timeline and immediately brighten your day.


This is a cool charity that helps find pets for veterans. They focus on overlooked shelter dogs that need extra support. Just a wonderful charity helping to save dogs and providing companionship for our veterans.


Another great organization that helps put trained guide dogs in the hands of people who need them. Based out of the UK, they are always sharing stories and ways you can help.