Reddit is a lot of things. Some good, some bad. But they’ve been known for everything something for just about everyone. And dog lovers is no exception. If you’re a Reddit user, or have just crossed path with the site in your everyday Google searches, here are some great dog-centric subs to subscribe to.

r/dogs – This is a place for dog owners to ask questions and get qualified responses. There are tips on training and dealing with new puppies. The archives are extensive so run a search to see if your question may have been asked and answered in the past.

r/dogpictures – The description says it all here. Proud owners post photos of their dogs and others get to comment and upvote them. You see some really creative photography choices and it’s just a great place to feel good about the world.

r/dogtraining – Specifically made to help people with the training of their dog. Many of the top posters are dog trainers themselves and can provide professional advice. It’s a plethora of information that you should absorb when bringing home your first puppy.

r/dogsonroofs – Not sure I condone this one much but it’s just a subreddit of dogs being spotted on roofs. Some really cute stuff inside.

r/dogsmirin – I’ll let the subreddit description speak for itself here. “A subreddit to post dogs ‘mirin on men or women or other dogs.” Ummmm…check it out I guess.

r/aww – This isn’t specifically about dogs, but it sure features a lot of them. The goal of posts here is to make you say “awwww”. Lots of pets doing cute things and a sign that the world ain’t so bad after all.