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Phetched’s Barkworthy series highlights organizations that help to make life better for dogs and their people.

San Diego’s FACE (Foundation for Animal Care and Education) is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) public charity that seeks to improve the lives of companion animals by providing access to veterinary care and education. When needy animal owners are faced with emergency medical care expenses for their beloved pets — in situations where euthanasia might be the only affordable option — FACE steps in to provide grants to provide access to care by fully or partially covering emergency expenses.

Thanks to FACE, which relies solely on donations, many families don’t have to lose their beloved pets just because of financial hardship.

And FACE takes the “education” part of their name seriously — through their website and other events, FACE seeks to educate pet owners on important medical information to help keep their pets safe and healthy.

Barkworthy, indeed.

You can learn more about FACE from their website.

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I was a lifeguard in college for a summer. Best tan I EVER had, hands down. All in all, it was an OK job and would have actually been kind of cool and relaxing had I not spent the entire summer stressing and silently praying that no one got hurt in the pool and required CPR, ’cause even though I passed the test and successfully revived the rubber and plastic practice dummy, I was fairly certain that I would totally mess it up if I ever had to do it, you know, for realsies.

It’s not a fun thing to think about, but sometime you might have to actually give CPR to your dog or to another dog, say at a the park or on the beach. I thought it’d be helpful to share this video by dog safety expert Melanie Monteiro on the proper techniques for giving canine CPR. (Her dummy, by the way, is way cuter than the hollow-eyed plastic guy I had to suck face with in class – and yet, a doggie CPR dummy is still a little creepy).

Watch and learn!

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Heyooo, pups! Today at phetched we’re participating in Blog the Change, which, in 25 words or less, is an effort by pet bloggers and Be the Change for Animals to spread the word about pet-helpful causes and organizations. (Is that less than 25 words? I didn’t count. But you can head to Be the Change to find out more.)

In thinking about what pet cause I’d like to pledge my support to, as I felt the welcome evening breeze blow into our non-air-conditioned house, the answer came quickly and easily:  I want to help you help me (thanks, Jerry Maguire) spread the word about the dangers to dogs and cats left inside hot cars. We all know the danger of leaving animals in cars on hot summer days, but apparently a lot of folks out there don’t, and they drive me to cussing on at least a weekly basis. And did you know that even temperatures that may be comfortable for you can become deadly for pets inside a parked car, even with the windows cracked? It’s true.

My Dog is Cool is a great resource with all kinds of information about the dangers to pets left in cars – including downloadable, printable flyers you can keep in your car to help spread the word.

I’m going to print some off for myself so I can spend less time cussing and more time Being the Change.

(P.S. – You can go to Blog the Change, scroll down the page, and find a list of links to other pet blogs that are blogging for change today.)

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Picture this: young me (I was cute) at a church picnic, spying the dessert table from across the room, running with unbridled glee (while wiping drool) towards a what I think is a giant vanilla cake, then skidding to a stop in horror when I get close enough to realize it’s not vanilla, it’s… COCONUT. Bleaughh.

Coconut. Aside from an umbrella drink here and there, can’t stand the stuff. But apparently it’s, like, totally super healthy for both humans and dogs. Not coconut cake, of course… but 100% raw, virgin coconut oil. Apparently it’s a fatty acid, but the good kind, and in dogs, it’s been shown to help with weight loss, metabolism, energy, skin and coat, and digestion. It’s also a huge immune-system booster and is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-oxidant. Kind of makes me feel bad about being so anti-coconut as a kid.

Dehydrated coconut carries the same health benefits as the oil, making these 100% pure organic coconut chips from CocoTherapy something I’m definitely curious to try with my beasts. After reading about the health benefits of coconut for dogs, I’m totally on the coconut boat. And who knows? Maybe I’ll even try one myself.

You can fetch CocoTherapy Coconut Chips online at Fun Dog Fred (or check CocoTherapy’s site for stores).

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If you live in an area that’s been covered in a blanket of greenish-yellow pollen for the past week or so, you know it’s that time — time to blow the dust off the lawnmower, trowels and spades and get to work in the yard. As you plan and plant your garden this spring, be sure you take note of common plants that can be toxic to dogs and other pets.

There’s a very comprehensive list of plants toxic to dogs, cats, and horses on the ASPCA web site, complete with photos and descriptions of toxic effects. I’ve bookmarked it for reference as I head out to the garden center to purchase plants I will try my darndest to keep alive for the next few months.

Those pictures above? I took those in my very own yard. Do you believe me? Great. Let’s just go with that, then.

Have a great weekend, y’all!

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Public option? Co-ops? Death panels?

While healthcare for our dogs may not be nearly as complicated (at least from an administration standpoint), the waters of veterinary care can certainly be tough to navigate.

Dolittler.com is the creation of Patty Khuly, VMD, MBA, a vet practicing in Miami, FL. It contains a wealth of information about dog health and healthcare for both vets and dog owners from a personal and caring point of view.


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One quality that’s so charming about dogs? They live in the moment. They seek happiness with every act, be it rooting for contraband in the garbage, sitting by your feet in the hopes of scoring a few head scritches, or arranging themselves just so in order to soak up the perfect amount of sunbeam on the floor. Generally, emotions like regret and embarrassment aren’t really part of a dog’s day.

There are exceptions, of course. The occasional dingleberry, for example, is a source of much consternation in our household.  And then there’s the ultimate shame and degradation known to dogs: the C-O-N-E (a word best not spoken aloud, that humiliating torture device placed by well-meaning vets and dog parents). I’ve seen the C-O-N-E drive even the most cheerful, everything-is-rainbows-and-sunshine golden retriever into the depths of doom and despair. It’s no laughing matter, but alas, we do laugh… and that only drives the dagger deeper.

The ProCollar offers a kinder, gentler alternative to the C-O-N-E.


A cone? This guy’s not wearing a cone. He’s just, you know, gearing up for some fun watersports. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

The inflatable ProCollar is made from durable, washable PVC and attaches to your dog’s collar. It comfortably keeps him from buggin’ wounds without breaking his spirit.

Fetch it from Drs. Foster & Smith.

(Image 1 credit: kittenonline.eu)

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