Grooming is an important way to keep your dog happy, healthy, and comfortable. As such, you should be on the lookout for excellent service from a reputable doggie salon – you wouldn’t trust your own hair to just anyone with a pair of shears, would you? To make sure your dog looks and feels her […]

It’s Valentine’s Day and maybe you don’t have a big date this year. But with your dog around, you can still enjoy the holiday. Nothing says “I Love You” than showing your pet how much you care with a special day. Here are a few tips: Buy Some Treats Not just regular treats, get him […]

Border Collies make some of the best companions ever. They are bright, clever, and suited for the great outdoors. These energetic dogs need plenty of exercise to keep them happy. Unfortunately many people get a border collie due to their herding instincts and ability to work on farms. But for those that don’t have a […]

Finding health information for your dog online can be a mixed bag. Plenty of so-called experts jumping at the chance to tell you what to do with your dog. While the proper approach is to talk to your vet, it can be time consuming and expensive to stop in whenever you have a basic question […]

Anyone can make a bone or a stuffed animal for the dog to play with. But it takes a creative mind to come up with parodies of the most luxurious brands in the world. Dog Diggin Designs does just that and has made themselves a huge success in the dog toy space. There are too […]

Maybe the most iconic breed in existence is the golden retriever. Seen as the ideal best friend in the canine world. They are incredibly sweet with a gentle demeaner. Love to please people and are perfect for families. Retrievers are known for how easy they are to train. It’s why you see so many people […]

Pexels again proves to be a place to find some amazing dog photography. The bulldog section is a treat and it was tough to narrow it down to these 6 favorites.  In any event, if you’re looking for some bulldogs to lighten your mood, take a look below. English Bulldog looking quite serious. French Bulldog […]

Go out to any city park and you’re likely to see a wide range of dogs being walked or exercised by their owners. Apartment living has special demands for both dogs and their owners, and it is wise to research particular breeds, talk to a veterinarian, and evaluate your options based on your specific living […]

While only a year old, Scooby-Roo has mastered the art of Hollywood. He’s schmoozed with movie stars and has a life story that it is straight out of a Disney script. This 11-year old mutt has defied the odds thanks to the help of some high-profile friends and a rescue organization that refused to give […]

If you’ve ever dumped a plastic bottle in the recycling bin, you may wonder where that ends up. Well it may just end up keeping your dog comfortable as they dream about long walks and Snausages. That’s right, recycled plastic bottles are now being used to make pet beds of all shapes and sizes. Now […]