Amazon sure is convenient. Especially as a Prime member I can have anything I want to my door in 2 days flat. And it seems like a giant pet store like PetSmart is popping up in every suburb. But the heart and soul of the designer dog industry is in small boutiques. These are the companies that take chances on small artists and designers. They are the passionate business owners who truly care about your experience at their store. With that said, here are few of my favorite boutiques.

This store has been around forever and has sold countless items to myself and friends. They always have the latest in clothes and a unique line of toys you can’t find anywhere else. Their novelty beds are great and I’ve purchased their “Crown Bed” for a friend who just bought a Chihuahua she has dubbed “The Prince”. In any event, check out all their designer brands and I’m sure you’ll come across something you like.


This is where to go for some high fashion clothing. Everything they carry seems to have attitude attached. And don’t get me started on the collars. Leather, velvet, you name it. All coming in some hip colors too. These folks are at the peak of doggie fashion and a great store to check out.


Muttropolis reminds me of Macy’s in a way. A nice collection of fashion but without going overboard with the glitz and glamour. A strong lineup of contemporary collars, beds, and clothes. Plus they carry Haute Diggity Dog toys which I love. Grabbed a Starbucks plush toy for a coffee-addict friend not to long ago.


Even their logo gives off a sophisticated vibe. Felix Chien is the choice of celebrities and has been featured all over TV and in fashion magazines. Their products aren’t overly glitzy but instead give that sophisticated vibe I mentioned earlier. If you want your doggy to look like he’s stepping into an important dinner party, they’ve got you covered.


If you’re going to absolutely spoil your pup, this is the place to go. Just take a look at some of those beds they carry. Can you get anymore pampered? Doggie Couture is unique in that they’ll team you up with a personal shopped to help. If you’re like me and don’t exactly have the fashion gene, this can make things run much easier.

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  1. Crystal
    Crystal says:

    I’ve shopped at a few of these stores but I’ve been so happy to see them popping up locally. There is a store called Rocky & Maggies here in Houston that is just to die for. Many choices for clothing that are constantly being rotated. They have a spa service too but I haven’t tried it with my dog Marly. She’s not great with baths or strangers in general.

  2. Ann Marie Hoff
    Ann Marie Hoff says:

    We had a FANTASTIC local store that had been around for years. Then Muttropolis came to Tucson in the newest shopping center. The home grown single business couldnt compete and went out of business. Then, after a few years, Muttropolis closed and now we have NOTHING. I had that about chain stores- they ruin local businesses and then can’t stay in business themselves.

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