Lets get this out of the way. I watch a lot of TV. You can find me streaming through seasons of shows all weekend. I can spot obscure actors from other shows in an instant. And that makes me sort of an expert here when I tell you who are the best TV show dogs to ever exist.

#1 Brian Griffin (Family Guy)

Family Guy has been on for over a decade and Brian just makes the show run. The only normal member of the Griffin household just so happens to be a dog. It’s not his uber-liberal persona or talk of his “novel” that will never be finished that makes him great. It’s his friendship with Stewie and the hilarious adventures they embark on each season. For that, Brian is the best dog in a TV show ever.

#2 Champion (Parks and Rec)

Alright, Champion gets a bit of a boost because it’s adorable to watch this 3-legged dog maneuver around on set. Champion fits the characters perfectly and is the ideal dog for a great (and still underrated) show.

#3 Mr Peanut Butter (Bojack Horseman)

I’m going out on a limb because I’m not sure how many people watch this terrific show. But if you do, you know that Mr Peanut Butter is the perfect comic foil to Bojack. He’s always got energy but at the same time is a sweet dog with a heart of gold.

#4 Eddie (Frasier)

So you thought he’d be higher on this list? Well you might be right. Eddie was the Lassie of the 90’s. An adorable Jack Russell stole every scene he was in. To get him to lick the actors face, they would have to smother them in sardine oil. Unfortunately the dog that played Eddie died in 2006. But he did enjoy 16 wonderful years on this Earth and a legacy that will live on.

#5 Snoopy (Peanuts)

We all grew up with him and he’s maybe the most popular character in the Peanuts universe. His dance is iconic and his laziness is something that I can totally respect.

#6 Lassie (Lassie)

Ok he had to make the list somewhere. And I admit he came a bit before my time. But Lassie is an icon and the gold standard for TV dogs for decades. It’s just that he seemed more of a reactive dog than a proactive one. Why didn’t he just stop Timmy from falling down the well instead of running home for help after the fact?

#7 Scooby-Doo (Scooby-Doo)

This iconic cartoon dog “helped” the gang solve mystery after mystery. But lets be honest, he wasn’t a huge help. Mostly terrified of his own shadow, Scooby had some serious anxiety issues. A little Prozac might have helped him along the way.

#8 Vincent (Lost)

Good old Vincent ends up on the list because Lost was such a kick ass show. He was loyal to everyone on the island and even help dig up some mysterious figures. Not to mention he was the one who stuck with Jack to the end. What a great dog.


Now feel free to fill the comments up telling me how wrong I am. Just know in your heart that I’m right.