Dog training is the most important part of owning a dog. It is the application of behavior analysis. Dog training dates back to at least Roman times. There are a variety of established ways of dog training some of the better known ones are clicker training, motivational training, dominance training and relationship based training. There are many different types of training and here we will go into a few training methods into more detail.

Obedience Training

According to Bob from Personal Protection dogs “A personal protection dog is good for you to help protect yourself and your home. The first thing you need to do is teach your dog basic obedience. They should be able to sit, lie down and come to you when called. It should also be able to heel with no lease and your dog should also learn and respond to the bark and leave it commands.”

Socializing Your Dog

You should always make sure your dog is socialized. This socializing can happen every time you take your dog for a walk they will see new things all the time, especially if you don’t go on the same walk and change it about so they experience something different each time. If you see a strange object let your dog investigate especially if they are nervous. Your dog needs to recognize what a normal pedestrian looks like and not to feel treated, compared to how he should protect you and your home.

Bark On Command

Some dogs will bark more than others. Having your dog bark on command is a great thing to teach them. Some dogs are good at learning this command. Take note of what your dog does naturally and sometimes they will respond. Barking comes naturally to many dogs, but you may also need to teach your dog how to stop barking when given a command too. Always have a calm environment with no distractions to teach them in. They will be more disciplined this way and you will be able to train your dog to be ‘quiet’ and to ‘speak’. Protection dogs that bark are very beneficial to people that are blind, it can alert them to a number of things, such as someone at the door etc.

Food Refusal Training

Training your dog to refuse food training should be a consistent thing. It is an essential to have lots of treats at the ready. Present food to the dog as if giving a treat. Only give the treat to the dog if they sit or lay down. The next stage of the training is to teach your dog to refuse the food while on a lead. Do not let the dog eat the treat. Only when you command the dog to eat the food. Use a corrective command word. This involves lots of patience and persistence. It is always good if you are out walking your dog to, so they do not take food off strangers which could be dangerous to them. Also, it is great if you have children to get the dog to learn this command, so the dog does not beg and constantly want the children’s food while they are eating.