Sarah Ernhart (the creative eye behind Sarah Beth Photography) is an award-winning pet (and family) photographer from up North in the Twin Cities. While Ernhart photographs dogs both in her studio and on location, I think her studio shots are especially stunning. The colorful but simple setting allows Ernhart to focus (no pun intended) on the beauty and expressiveness of her subjects.




Know what’s really cool about Sarah Beth Photography? Ernhart has recently begun a program called Giving Back in which, every month, she donates 10% of every pet session fee to a selected local animal rescue, shelter, or advocacy group. In addition, each month she offers 50% off any pet session fee to anyone who adopts a pet that month from the Rescue of the Month. Pretty darn cool.



(That last pup there? I just want to scritch his ears and kiss his nose.)

Check out more beautiful images at Sarah Beth Photography’s web site.