Buying a dog bed is often one of the first tasks you have to make as a new dog owner. Finding where to buy a dog bed is not always easy. Many sites don’t have friendly return policies and there’s only so much you can glean from a photo. Below is a list of my favorite places to buy a dog bed from.

West Paw Design– West Paw makes a lot of different products but their beds are both high quality and affordable. But what I like most is everything is made here in the United States. They truly live up to the label Made in the USA.

Wayfair – I’d say about half my bedroom is filled with Wayfair products and they’ve been nothing but exceptional with their service. They have a huge selection of dog beds from all sorts of top brands. But what I like best is how they break it down by the size of your dog. With other sites, you have to guess.

Posh Puppy Boutique – I love the over-the-top glamorous beds they offer here. I mean look at some of the choices on their site. Luxurious beds with backboards and mini pillows. Or a plus New York City taxi cab. If you like supporting small business, this is a great place to shop. They do tend to focus on smaller dogs though.

Etsy – Yes, they aren’t just all arts and crafts. They actually have a ton of creative, custom-made dog beds available. While I have not personally purchased one through a seller, I do routinely drool over some of the selection available.

By the way, if you have $3000 handy, check out the Luxury Buckingham bed. Is this not the most ridiculous thing you’ve seen that I would totally buy if I won the lottery?