Awesome awesomeness from The Guardian: stunning photos collected by photographers of Kanellos, a street dog that has [update: supposedly] made an appearance at nearly every protest in Athens for the past two years, no matter how violent. Kanellos even gets a mention on a Wikipedia page for riot dogs. See and read more at The […]

The craft beer industry has gotten quite creative of late. Besides the standard fair of fruit and coffee infused IPAs, we’ve even got Mr. Peanut into the fold with his own brand of suds.  And now when you crack open a cold one after a long day, you can share the experience with your dog. […]

In a rather shocking decision to animal lovers across the United States, the Supreme Court voted 8-1 to invalidate a law that prohibited individuals from profiting off of videos of animal cruelty. That’s right, it is now perfectly legal to sell and profit off of videos of animal torture now that the Depiction of Animal […]

Dogs and graffiti make a pretty cool mix. I’ve been obsessed with graffiti artwork for years and even purchased a knockoff Alec Monopoly piece on Etsy not too long ago. Look at this adorable dog patiently being photographed in front of some graffiti artwork in Brisbane (which has the most magnificent artwork all around the […]

Upon moving to the big city, one of the toughest things was finding dog-friendly establishments. Sure they were out there and Chicago is for the most part friendly to our canine friends. But there just wasn’t a guide to it laying around and I felt I was flying blind. Now for just about everything else […]

Whether you’re going away for just a day or as long as a couple weeks (or more), hiring a professional pet sitter is the best option to care for your pet while you’re gone. Professional pet sitters offer the daily care that your dog needs and is a superior alternative to imposing on a friend […]

PETA has never been an organization to back off a major celebrity. But it appears they may have met their match with Tiger Woods. A planned billboard that attacks the iconic golfer while spreading a message to spay-and-neuter pets has been scrapped after careful consideration (and a phone call Tiger’s legal team). A statement from […]

Legislators in California want to expose individuals who are cruel to animals. Proposed is a bill that would establish the first ever registry for these criminals. This new registry, built similar to the sex offender registry would allow all citizens access to a database of names of convicted abusers. The bill states that abuses such […]

Lassie has nothing on a Queensland heeler named Blue. That’s because Blue is being credited by police for helping save the life of a lost 3-year old girl. The NY Daily News reports. Little Victoria Bensch happened to wander away from her Cordes Lakes, Arizona hom on Thursday. With vast mountains surrounding the valley, a search party […]

With all the hoopla and pageantry surrounding the upcoming Super Bowl, a little beagle named Jerry from outside New Orleans is getting a whole lot of special attention. You see, Jerry has a special talent. As CS Monitor reports, Jerry can lead the Saints rallying cry of “Who Dat” during their games. Jerry’s owners recorded this on […]