The craft beer industry has gotten quite creative of late. Besides the standard fair of fruit and coffee infused IPAs, we’ve even got Mr. Peanut into the fold with his own brand of suds.  And now when you crack open a cold one after a long day, you can share the experience with your dog.

Bowser Beer has created their “beer for dogs”. Well it’s not technically beer of course. Instead it’s more of a grave of sorts you can pour over their standard bowl of kibble. Combined with malt barley, it has Vitamin B and amino acids. Even glucosamine to keep those joints healthy for a long time. No alcohol or carbonation is inside.

The “beer” doesn’t need to be refrigerated and comes in a cute 6-pack container. Bottles are resealable and it comes in 3 yummy flavors. Beef, chicken, and a mix of beef, chicken, and pork.

The whole thing is a tad expensive but makes a really fun gift for a friend.

And if you ever get the insane idea to give your dog real beer, please don’t. This article sums up why that is such a monumentally bad idea.