Lassie has nothing on a Queensland heeler named Blue. That’s because Blue is being credited by police for helping save the life of a lost 3-year old girl. The NY Daily News reports.

Little Victoria Bensch happened to wander away from her Cordes Lakes, Arizona hom on Thursday. With vast mountains surrounding the valley, a search party scoured through the night trying to rescue the girl as local temperatures dropped below 30 degrees. Fifteen hours after she got lost, a rescue helicopter spotted her in a dry creek bed and saved her.

Now how does a 3-year old girl survive a cold desert night? Well alongside Victoria was her loyal dog Blue. According to the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office, Blue kept her alter, warm, and provided companionship for the terrified girl. Blue was protective when the rescue team arrived, but settled down when he realized that they were there to save the day. He didn’t even flinch when approaching the helicopter and jumped right in as if it was the family van.

Thankfully, the story has a happy ending as Victoria only suffered frostbite and is expected to resume life as a healthy three year old. As for Blue, he’s being hailed as a hero by the local community. It really shouldn’t surprise us anymore when we read stories about dogs staying with their loved ones through thick and thin. This courageous dog never left the girl’s side, despite likely having the ability to make a run home for the warm shelter he’s used to. Another story showing what amazing creatures they are.