It’s NCAA tournament time and everyone in the office is filling out their brackets. Some people do a bunch of research picking the best teams on their own statistical analysis. Some look to the experts to see who they like. Others, just like to pick the team with the best mascots.

I thought it would be fun to go through and find all the teams that made NCAA tournament field with dog mascots. They are below:


Gonzaga Bulldogs – these guys are a #1 seed and actually have a chance to win the whole dang thing.

Mississippi State Bulldogs – I’m starting to sense a theme here with bulldog names.

Wofford Terriers – This 7-seed has a chance to make some noise.

Washington Huskies – It’s been a down year for the Pac-12 but Washington has a nice team. Plus they feature one of the best logos in sports.

Northeastern Huskies – Another Husky on the list. Unfortunately, these guys are big longshots to advance to the Sweet 16.

Yale Bulldogs – They even let the smart schools into the big dance.

Nevada WolfPack – Well technically a canine.

Gardner-Webb Bulldogs – Have to admit I had to look this school up to see if it was real. Anyway, what a terrific logo.


Honorable Mention:

Tennessee Volunteers – While the team name isn’t a dog, their mascot is.