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I have this little trick when I need to remember something later on: I just whip out my phone and send myself an email. Brilliant, huh? I do this often when I’m out and about and want to remember a cool dog product I see that I want to look into when I get home. I saw the Pet Trek Traveler the other night flipping through a Real Simple magazine while watching snowboarding with some friends, and I promptly emailed the link to myself for further investigation.


The Traveler is a lightweight portable food/water storage system that comes apart to reveal two separate compartments that can also be used as bowls. And that cute little bone in the handle? That’s a rubber chew toy. Awesome.

The Traveler comes in blue, gray, and pink (yay!) and is currently backordered on Pet Trek’s website, but it looks like you can also fetch it from SpaceSavers. (Also check out Pet Trek’s Walker, a portable water bottle and bowl.)

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Pelé. Beckham. Donovan. Ronaldo. Hamm.


It’s true — now your pup can be a veritable soccer legend (or at least dress like one) thanks to Little Fanaticos, the one and only carrier of dog soccer jerseys in the U.S.

(For those Americans who are still stuck on that first line, those are soccer players. Soccer.)

Little Fanaticos, based in Putnam, CT, was founded in 2007 after owner and soccer fan Enrique Ramirez searched high and low to find soccer jerseys for his three rescue pups. Finding nothing, Ramirez set out to provide quality fashions for the little canine soccer fanatico.

Little Fanaticos jerseys and jackets are inspired by and styled after actual, authentic jerseys worn by current and past FIFA national teams (you know, if they were worn by dogs), including France, Brazil, Germany, and the always disappointing Team USA.


I received a Little Fanaticos jersey in the mail for review and giveaway last week, and luckily for you all, it was just a teense too small for my mutts — otherwise I’d be keeping it all for myself. These jerseys are flat-out awesome. The quality is impeccable — soft mesh polyester, detailed stitching, bright colors, and impressive embroidery. And on top of all that, they’re ridiculously affordable. I so wish Mingus could squeeze into this jersey so he could be Landon Donovan for Halloween. Instead — sigh — I guess I’ll have to do the honest thing and, as promised, give it away to one lucky reader. (Details below!)


Check ‘em out and fetch one for your four-legged footballer at Little Fanaticos’ web site. And just in time for chilly weather and Halloween, Little Fanaticos is offering 30% OFF jerseys and FREE SHIPPING. Score!

And now, for the giveaway…

This giveaway is for one Little Fanaticos USA soccer jersey (pictured above). The jersey is 100% breathable polyester and features Landon Donovan’s Team USA #10. The jersey is a size Medium/16, which would fit up to a 20- or 25-lb or so dog (dachshund, miniature schnauzer, corgi, Scottish terrier, etc.) (For more information on sizing, check the Little Fanaticos web site.)

Giveaway will close at 11:59 p.m. Saturday, October 10th, and a winner will be drawn randomly and announced Sunday, October 11th.

To enter:

1. Simply leave a comment below. (Your email address will be requested, but not displayed publicly — we’ll just use it to get in touch with you if you win.) In your comment, please include some variation of the following: GOOOooooOOoOooooOooOAAaaLLL!

That’s it. Easy enough, right?

2. For an extra chance to win, tweet about this contest (including a link to this post and mentioning @phetched). Post a link to your tweet in a SEPARATE comment field below. To link to a tweet, click the time stamp under your tweet as it appears in your feed (i.e., “2 hours ago”) and it will send you to a permalink for that tweet. You may tweet about this contest as many times as you like, but only ONE extra entry will count per person.

The fine print:

3. Contest is open to U.S. and Canada shipping addresses only, please.

4. Please, only one entry per person (except as described in #2 above).

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Būmi™ won’t balance your checkbook.

Būmi won’t trim your hedges.

And no, Būmi can’t fold your laundry.

But Būmi will bend, stretch, flex, and float, making it “the active dog’s dream come true” — and it will leave Fido dog-tired so you can get started on that to-do list.


Check out the 100% recyclable Būmi and its amazing durability guarantee at West Paw Design.

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I don’t have anything clever to say about this. I just think it’s wicked cool.


Fetch Cog Dog Bowl in small, medium, and large from Unleashed Life.

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I’m pretty much a jeans, tee-shirt, and flip-flops kind of person. The last time I remember getting really dressed up was probably at my wedding. My dogs, being rough-housers and rabble-rousers, play it fairly casual, too — they never get invited anywhere too fancy. Nevertheless, I’m completely in awe of (and majorly coveting) the gorgeous handmade collars and leads from Collier Leeds.


These gorgeous pieces are handmade from high quality latigo and English bridle leather, brass, and semi-precious gemstones. Collier Leeds’ founder and owner, Mary Oswald, crafts each piece by hand in her workshop in Virginville, Pennsylvania. (What an awesome name for a town, huh?)

Oswald’s unique and ornate designs are inspired by antique dog collars she encountered at the dog collar museum at Leeds Castle in Kent, England. (I’ll admit it, I never knew there was a dog-collar museum anywhere. Awesome.)



What’s amazing to me is how completely reasonable the prices of Oswald’s collars, leads, and beautiful collar charms are considering the craftsmanship and materials involved. If I ever have a Saluki (one of my Dream Breeds), she’s totally wearing one of these collars. Fact.


Find out more about Collier Leeds and check out all the exquisite designs on Collier Leeds’ web site.

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I started this dog blog a while back to have some fun writing about something I’m fairly well versed in: dog stuff. Sometimes I worry that I spend a little too much time thinking about dogs and dog stuff, but it’s OK, I guess, ’cause it’s all going to make me rich and famous one day. (Right? RIGHT?)

Nevertheless, believe it or not, there are other things I’m interested in, one of which is wine. I’ve been on a handful of tasting tours and really enjoy learning about wine and vinification, although the majority of my wine education allows me to do little more than denote Wines I Like versus Wines I Don’t Like.

Anyway, all of the above considered, I was delighted to learn about the Stamford, Connecticut, company Whiner & Diner. They create awesome elevated dog feeders, beds, and toy boxes out of reclaimed wine crates from European and Californian vineyards. (I’d say they “upcycle,” but I really hate that word, so I won’t.)


For some reason I feel like these would smell really good, kind of woodsy and wine-y mixed together.

Whiner & Diner’s products are, of course, eco-friendly, which is really cool, and each feeder, toy box, or bed is completely unique. Pieces can even be personalized with your dog’s name and/or other handpainted designs. Sweet!

Visit Whiner & Diner’s web site to learn more about their unique pet products and other wine-inspired gifts.


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My husband found these awesome little Coleman pet tags, and I’m about to order two. Not only are they perfect miniatures of the legendary Coleman lantern, they serve a cool safety function — the tag’s motion-activated LED lights up bright red whenever your pet moves, making Spot easy to, well, spot in the dark.


It’s even water-resistant, and doesn’t require use of those @#&$% mantles. (If you own a classic Coleman, you understand.)

Fetch it at CampingStation.com.

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Remember, growing up, how the kid in the neighborhood with the pool was always the most popular?

How cool will your dog be with THIS in the backyard?


The Guardian Gear dog pool is made of 100% tough PVC, is easy to fill and empty, and folds up into practically nothin’ for easy storage and transport.


Fetch one at Jake’s Dog House.

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I saw Zentek™ Clothing’s performance dogwear featured in the new issue of The Bark that arrived in my mailbox yesterday, and I instantly wished my dogs were involved in some kind of extreme doggy sports so that I’d feel justified in ordering them one. (Mingus is currently taking a “hiatus” from agility — i.e., a break until he loses his sense of smell and is no longer interested in spending 97% of class running around with his nose on the ground — and, unfortunately for Dottie, competitive eating doesn’t require a special wardrobe.)

These dog coats are flat-out cool. But they’re also warm. What?


What makes Zentek coats so awesome is their Comfortemp® fabric: it reacts to both body temperature and ambient temperature, cooling your dog when he needs to be cooled, and warming him when he needs to be warmed. This page here explains all the crazy science behind it, and it has something to do with nonwoven textiles, Phase Change Materials, and NASA. In summary, I’ll just say that it’s AWESOME. And truth be told, your doggy doesn’t even have to be a world-class athlete to benefit from the brilliance of Zentek — why, right here in North Carolina, it’s supposed to be 94 on Saturday. I’m sure the dogs would be much more interested in a hike if outfitted in fancy, magical, auto-cooling doggy spacecoats.

You can order Zentek coats (which come in varied cuts and styles to accomodate different dog body shapes) right from the Zentek web site, plus check out more awesome photos of Zentek dogs in action.

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Treats? Check.

Poop bags? Check.

Cell phone? Check.

iPod? Check.

Detachable sleeves? Check.


The all-new Dog Walking Utility Jacket from Let’s Go Design is, quite literally, a dog walker’s dream come true. The outer shell is made of waterproof and wind-resistant material, with a removable hood and sleeves, while the inner fleece liner zips in and out for all-season wearability. (Is that a word? Sure, it is.) Built-in poop bags, an extra leash, carabiners for hands-free strolling, a lined treat pouch… it is, to quote Tyra Banks, FIERCE.


Explore specs and purchase here.

(P.S. Happy Canada Day to all our readers to the north!)

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