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You’ve heard about Casual Fridays? Well, this is Fancy Monday here at phetched, featuring seriously swanky collars, leashes, and accessories from Luxe Mutt.

Luxe Mutt designer Sharon Zuckerman has worked with Badgley Mischka and Jonathan Adler (hollerrrrrr), and their lovely leather goods are handmade in California.

You can fetch Luxe Mutt goods here and keep an eye on their upcoming web site here.


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I’m crazy in love with this 24K gold-plated leaf dog tag from Britain’s high-class dog shop Mungo & Maud.

Do you think I’d ever trust either of my pups with anything this nice, though? HA HA HA! That is comedy. You should take that act on the road. But seriously, wouldn’t it be nice to have a pretty dog tag like this for yourself, and engrave your pup’s name on it? A right fine idea, I’d say. I’m going to start dropping some hints.

The leaf dog tag is available from Mungo & Maud in gold and silver. (Sadly, Mungo & Maud doesn’t offer engraving. Maybe you could take it to Things Remembered or something?)

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I am not, by nature or any other means, a fancy person. My idea of fancy is generally a restaurant where I don’t have to unwrap my food before I eat it, or maybe pouring my beer into a glass. Like I said, not fancy. (Or, to pronounce it the Southern way, “faintsy.”) And needless to say, my dogs aren’t fancy, either. Mainly I just try to keep them clean.

Just ’cause I’m not faintsy, though, doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate fancy things — especially when that fanciness is coupled with functionality. The swanky collars and leads from ironically named The Shabby Dog have matching wrist cuffs that attach to the leads for hands-free walking — so your hands are unencumbered to carry a water bottle, a purse, a newspaper, or to shake hands with random people on the street (which I imagine fancy people find themselves doing quite often).

Fetch wrist cuffs, leads, and collars separately at The Shabby Dog (including the Pupercise lead for half the price). And while you’re there, check out this traveling dog bowl. FAINTSY!

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