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I’m crazy in love with this 24K gold-plated leaf dog tag from Britain’s high-class dog shop Mungo & Maud.

Do you think I’d ever trust either of my pups with anything this nice, though? HA HA HA! That is comedy. You should take that act on the road. But seriously, wouldn’t it be nice to have a pretty dog tag like this for yourself, and engrave your pup’s name on it? A right fine idea, I’d say. I’m going to start dropping some hints.

The leaf dog tag is available from Mungo & Maud in gold and silver. (Sadly, Mungo & Maud doesn’t offer engraving. Maybe you could take it to Things Remembered or something?)

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Why am I so crazy about collar tags? Maybe it’s ’cause I’ve got big dogs (OK, big-ish dogs…) and collars and collar tags are the only way I have to accessorize them? Anyway, here are some new ones from Krazy For Pets. They’re engraveable with up to four lines of text.

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I always hear that rescue dogs know how lucky they are to have escaped the shelter and find a forever home and show their gratitude each and every day to their adopters.

Well, I’ve got two rescue dogs, and they strut around here like they own the place. Currently, as I type, Mingus is sleeping stretched out on the couch like a contortionist such that he’s taking up almost every inch of its surface (he’s only a 37-pound dog), and Dottie’s staring and making groany noises ’cause we’re within an hour window of her scheduled feeding time. Lucky dogs.

Maybe I should get them a lucky charm collar tag from Mascot to help remind them of their humble beginnings?

The cast brass collar charms come in the shape of wishbones, horseshoes, and four-leaf clovers (but, sadly, no pink hearts, yellow moons, or blue diamonds).

Fetch them at Mascot.

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A recent poll shows that over half of pet owners plan to get their furry friends holiday gifts this year, and I can only imagine that y’all are (along with me) part of that majority.

So what’s on Fido’s list this year? How about some fresh and fly bling for his collar, like these cool handmade polymer clay collar charms by Mod Creations?

Come on… even a pup needs a few pieces of flair, right?


Mod Creations accepts custom order requests, and a portion of all the shop’s proceeds go to Team EFA and Animal House Fund. Check out Mod Creations’ Etsy shop here.


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You know what? I’m not ashamed to admit that for a good portion of my life I thought bamboo was little more than panda food. So I’ve been amazed to learn, as time goes by, that bamboo can be used to make all kinds of things — from flooring to eating utensils to furniture — and is a phenomenally renewable and sustainable material. Who knew?

The eco-conscious folks over at Wagging Green make awesome dog collars out of 100% durable bamboo webbing, collars that are naturally anti-bacterial, odor-resistant, breathable, and biodegradable. On top of that, a portion of every Wagging Green sale is donated to worldwide green causes.


Some of my favorite items over at Wagging Green, though, are their kee-yuute collar ID tags. With designs that coordinate with Wagging Green’s Saving the Earth collar and leash collection, 5% of profits from each stainless steel, engravable tag goes to support a different environmental cause. Five percent of proceeds from the umbrella tag, for example, go to support solar energy causes, while 5% of profits of the elephant tag are contributed to organizations working to protect endangered species. Love.


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Several years ago I bought Mingus a little collar tag on clearance at Old Navy. On one side, there’s an M, and on the other it says, “Tried and True.”

I love this tag.

My husband was petting Ming the other day, though, and pointed out, four-ish years later, that the tag is looking a little worse for the wear. It’s scratched, dented, and dinged, and part of the plastic coating has torn off completely.

While I sort of feel sure Ming will always wear his “Tried and True” tag, maybe it’s time to get him a shiny new piece of bling to show off.

I think he’d like one of these.


You can fetch these (awesome) skull and crossbones tags at Artful Pups. They can even be customized with a 2-line inscription… like “Tried and True” (or maybe “Avast, ye scurvy dogs”?).

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I’m pretty much a jeans, tee-shirt, and flip-flops kind of person. The last time I remember getting really dressed up was probably at my wedding. My dogs, being rough-housers and rabble-rousers, play it fairly casual, too — they never get invited anywhere too fancy. Nevertheless, I’m completely in awe of (and majorly coveting) the gorgeous handmade collars and leads from Collier Leeds.


These gorgeous pieces are handmade from high quality latigo and English bridle leather, brass, and semi-precious gemstones. Collier Leeds’ founder and owner, Mary Oswald, crafts each piece by hand in her workshop in Virginville, Pennsylvania. (What an awesome name for a town, huh?)

Oswald’s unique and ornate designs are inspired by antique dog collars she encountered at the dog collar museum at Leeds Castle in Kent, England. (I’ll admit it, I never knew there was a dog-collar museum anywhere. Awesome.)



What’s amazing to me is how completely reasonable the prices of Oswald’s collars, leads, and beautiful collar charms are considering the craftsmanship and materials involved. If I ever have a Saluki (one of my Dream Breeds), she’s totally wearing one of these collars. Fact.


Find out more about Collier Leeds and check out all the exquisite designs on Collier Leeds’ web site.

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UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed.

You know how much we love Lupine® collars and leads, right? So we’re super excited about Lupine’s new pattern for August, Woofstock! Woofstock is a 1″ pattern, and Lupine designed and named it with input from their Facebook fans. Pretty cool, right? It’s just in time for Woodstock’s 40th anniversary and a perfect complement to July’s Peace Pup.



I’m also stoked about a couple other new products Lupine is offering, tagCLIP and Tag Silencers. Tag Silencers help muffle the sound of your dog’s jingly-jangly bling (although I, personally, use that sound as a way to monitor the trouble my pups are getting into, like a little doggy trouble alarm), while tagCLIP makes it easy to switch out your pup’s collar without wrecking your nails or your patience trying to switch over the tags.


Find out more about Woofstock, tagCLIPs and Tag Silencers on Lupine’s site (What’s New).

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And now, dear readers, I’m beyond excited to announce to you THE AWESOMEST LUPINE GIVEAWAY IN HISTORY (well, at least in phetched’s history). Lupine is giving away collar and lead sets to FIVE lucky phetched.com readers!! What?? Even if math’s not your thing, you know thems are pretty good odds.

Want a chance to win a Lupine matching collar and lead set of your choosing? Here’s how:

1. Go to Lupine’s site and pick out the pattern and size you’d like to win.

2. Come back here and post a comment below telling us your pattern choice and why that’s your pick. (Be sure to leave your correct email when you post. It won’t be published publicly, but it’s how we’ll get in touch with you if you win.) Don’t forget Lupine carries Martingale/combo style collars, too, in 3/4″ and 1″ sizes!

3. Cross your fingers until Sunday, August 9th, 10:00 p.m. Eastern time. That’s when the contest will close and we’ll draw FIVE lucky winners using random.org. Winners will be posted by Monday morning.

(4. Crossing your fingers not enough? For extra chances to win, Tweet or blog about this giveaway, and post a link to your tweet or blog in a separate comment field below. Your tweet needs to contain a link to this page and a mention of @phetched. Note: If your post doesn’t show up right away, don’t worry — sometimes links trigger the spam blocker, and you have to just wait a bit for your post to be approved.)

U.S. shipping addresses only, please, and one entry per person (except as covered by #4 above).

Good luck, everyone! And thanks to Lupine for this redonkulously sweet giveaway!

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I’m crazy about the industrial-yet-classy dog tags by Make Your Dog Smile.


Check out all the awesome designs and order one custom for your pup at Make Your Dog Smile’s Etsy shop.

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