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WHOA! Check out these bowls!! They’re so cool they’re levitating!!!

The Phorm bowl is sleek, sophisticated, and made of easy-to-clean cast resin (with a removable stainless-steel bowl). And, apparently, they may or may not have magical powers.

Fetch it at Unleashed Life.

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I like dogs. I like dog stuff. I like bright colors. I like modern, clean design.

I like the Bone Bowl and Stand from the UK’s hing designs.

The wipe-clean stand neatly lifts and raises hing’s Bone Bowl, which features two removable stainless steel bowls.

hing’s online store will be open soon.

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OK, true story, and somewhat of a confession: I, Maven of Stylish Doggie Wares (a somewhat self-proclaimed title), currently have my dogs’ water bowl perched upon a metal plant stand. As in, a metal tripod with a plastic tray meant to hold a philodendron or the like.

The problem is that Dottie goes for a drink, then steps away, and three-fourths of the water that was formerly in her mouth dribbles all over the floor. We had the bowl on a cute mat before, but the dribbled water was getting caught under the mat and creating an issue with our hardwood floors. With the elevated bowl, we can at least wipe the water up before it does any damage. The plant stand is doing the job OK, but it’s a little rickety, and it looks sooo bootleg, y’all.

So I’ve been shopping in earnest for cool elevated feeders. While my favorite is still probably the Doca Pet Y.Bowl, here are a couple of cool options I found at PupLife — the Seesaw and the Cantilever Dog Diners.

Or, perhaps I just need a doggie drool cup — but I haven’t found one of those yet. Comment if you know where I can find one…

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