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I saw the simplehuman pet food can over on Dog Milk the other day, and you know what I do when I see something I like? I steal it. KIDDING. That would be kleptomania and might require medication or therapy. I mean to say I re-post it. Here. As if I were cool enough to find it on my own.

Simplehuman’s pet food can is made of fingerprint-proof stainless steel and has a built-in scoop and wheels. It comes in two sizes (6.5-gallon and 8-gallon) and would be perfect in our newly redecorated kitchen. I might need to reallocate some funds and get this. Question, though: does “fingerprint-proof” also mean noseprint-proof?

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So, my husband and I don’t have children – just the dogs. I’m not really in the mood for kids right now, thankyouverymuch – I like the dogs just fine. So I certainly don’t consider myself an expert in parenting (although I often find myself observing situations in public wherein I’d kindly offer my two cents).

So I had always thought kids shouldn’t play with knives, but perhaps I was wrong? After all, I’ve just got dogs. (There was this one time, though, that Mingus came at me from the kitchen brandishing a steak knife in his mouth like he was contemplating matricide. Hilarious and horrifying all at once.)

Anyway, these cute little dog knives by Kuhn Rikon are meant to be used by kids — the blades are sharp enough to cut foods but not fingers, and the dogs’ ears act as guards to keep little hands from slipping onto the blades.


Fetch them at Sur La Table.

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