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Our pals over at Bocce’s Bakery are baking up some special treats for Valentine’s Day. Hugs & Kisses are made from fresh, antibiotic-free beef, organic apples, organic carrots, tasty oats, and local NY honey.

Your furry Valentine deserves some, right? ‘Cause you don’t do enough for them all year ’round, right?

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We’re off to enjoy Christmas with family and friends! We hope everyone has an extra-special and extra-merry Christmas. Or, if you don’t celebrate Christmas, we hope you have a great Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. See you Monday!

Photo credit: flickr, life in my zoo


I’m telling you, the next person who reminds me how many shopping days remain until Christmas gets my knuckles in their teeth.

Obviously I’m rolling in Christmas spirit.

Once I actually find some gifts, I’d love to wrap them in this pretty puppy paper.

Vintage Dog & Bones reversible gift wrap and Chilly Dogs recycled wrapping paper are available from The Container Store.

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Know what today is? Yes, it’s Election Day — as I’m going to sternly assume you know — but it’s also All Souls’ Day and, in Mexico, El Día de los Muertos, a celebration of departed loved ones. (Maybe after the day is over we’ll be talking about those soon to be “departed” from Washington?)

I’m crazy about Jose Pulido‘s Day of the Dead-inspired illustrations like the one above, and Pulido’s shop features lots of cool doggie-inspired art.

Check out Pulido’s stuff — and then go vote! But first check out the links.

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Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

We remember with thanks all those who have served our country – male, female, and canine.

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Best wishes for peace, love, and joy this Christmas from the (mostly naughty) phetched.com crew.


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Well, friends, a new year is nearly upon us. Aside from the a.w.e.s.o.m.e. plans I’ve got going on New Year’s Eve, I’m so over 2009. Matter of fact, I’m ready to wave sayonara to this whole decade. Natural disasters, economic meltdown, the rise and fall and rise again of Britney Spears… I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to kiss the Aughts goodbye.

And what better way (aside from champagne, a pretty dress, good friends, dessert at 3 a.m., and a hangover) to ring in the new year than an awesome new calendar? I’m loving the Dog Portrait Eco Calendar from Turnaround Design.


The calendar is designed from photos of dogs, printed on 100% post-consumer recycled cover stock, and assembled by hand. Order yours here.

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Here’s a fun holiday video produced by a dog-training school in Hungary. I have a hard time getting my dogs to even walk on a leash. What am I doing wrong?

That’s a rhetorical question. Enjoy the video.

(The sound takes just a minute to kick in.)

And thanks to Marcia for sending this in!

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Planet Dog‘s Christmas bulb toy… Is sure to brighten up your day (like a lightbulb!)

It’s durable and minty fre-esh… Like a Christmas candy cane…


Fetch the Orbee-Tuff® Bulb toy from Planet Dog.

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OK, people. We have a small problem here. Christmas is a week away, and I need to revise my Christmas list. If you could just take your little pencil there and mark off… err… hmm. Go ahead and mark off the chemistry set and add in these preshy stuffed felt ornaments from Best Friends Studios. I’ve decided the chemistry set is merely a want while these ornaments are a need.

And hey, everything at Best Friends Studios is 10% off for the whole month of December if you use coupon code DECEMBER2009. Can’t beat that with a peppermint stick.

Each breed ornament is handcrafted from 100% wool felt and embellished with beads, bells, ribbon, and the like. Check out all the breeds (dozens!) at Best Friends Studios.


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