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I love screenprinting, and I’m stoked about McCabe Bros., a new Etsy shop full of screenprinted dogs. I’ll be checking back often as they add to their inventory.

Tail wags to Sarah, a fellow Etsy addict, for the find!

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DUDE, I totally want a Niagara Icedogs jersey.

That logo? The doggie crossbones? Awesome.

Also totally rad? The Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds’ logo.

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Are you ready for your daily dose of cuteness?

Hawaiian artist Nicole Holi makes handmade rubber stamps of her adorable animal drawings from etched rubber. Her Etsy shop features a greyhound, dachshund, Shiba Inu, and Boston Terrier.

(My dogs, interestingly enough, look most like the Arctic fox and the piglet.)


Experience the cuteness at niko art.

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Ooh, the treats to be found in The Dog House!

This Etsy shop out of (near) Edinburgh, Scotland, offers charming screenprinted doggie designs on bags, tees, towels, bandannas, and baby gear. Shop owner Jane’s designs are inspired by her two greyhounds, Max and Molly. (Indeed, I’ve always found greys quite inspiring myself.)


That “Relax” tee? Awesome. But are you ready for the really awesome part? Five percent (5%) of The Dog House’s profits goes to Gracehounds, a charity dedicated to finding forever homes and a brighter future for retired racing greyhounds. (I LOVE it when a percentage of profits goes to charity. It totally gives me a good reason to spend money.)

Check out all the goodies above, plus other fabulous stuff, at The Dog House.

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If you happen to be a new phetched reader, welcome! If you’ve been paying attention for a while, though, you’ve probably noticed that I love things that are 1) unique, 2) handmade, and 3) preshy. Thus (if you’ve been paying attention) you’ll not be surprised at all that I LOVE the fabulous collars and leads from If It Barks, as they meet all three criteria above. Plus, as an extra added bonus, If It Barks is 4) local, hailing from right here in beautiful Raleigh, North Carolina. Awesome!


It’s hard for me to decide what I like best about If It Barks — the classy, sophisticated patterns and designs (including hard-to-find masculine options) or the fact that If It Barks sales help support no-kill shelters and adoption organizations around the world.

It’s preshiness with a conscience, folks, and it doesn’t get much better than that.


You can check out all their great (and totally affordable) collars and leashes for both large and small dogs here — and If It Barks is currently offering FREE SHIPPING for phetched readers. Awesome!! (Use code FREEship at checkout.)

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I dread rainy mornings like the swine flu. While it’s nice to occasionally have an excuse to skip our morning walk and catch a few more Zs, it’s hard to be too happy knowing what is to come — standing huddled under an umbrella, in heels and work clothes, trying to forcibly drag Dottie out into the yard to do her business. The girl does not like rain. And, while I can’t blame her, I’m rarely prepared for the ensuing battle of wills when my coffee hasn’t even kicked in yet.

Hence, you can imagine my interest in AcmeCouture’s handmade rain gear for dogs. One of these sweet jackets might just be the ticket.


AcmeCouture custom makes each jacket to your pup’s measurements, meaning I could even have one made to fit Dottie’s behemoth head.


While AcmeCouture’s mission is to provide “fun AND functional” gear for larger breeds, or at least for dogs that aren’t “Chihuahua-sized,” you can find custom-made items for dogs of all sizes in AcmeCouture’s Etsy shop. Shopowner Terri’s greyhounds serve as both inspiration and models for her work, and you can check out a gallery of dogs and designs on her Web site. A percentage of Acme’s sales go to support dog (esp. greyhound) rescue. Sweet!



If you haven’t already, don’t forget to enter the free dog art giveaway contest while you’re here!

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